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Monday, November 1, 2010

Crazy Mom Bloggers Unite...

I've done it before. And succeeded .
I've done it before. And failed.
I'm doing it again. Cuz I'm crazy.

It's November.

Spare time doesn't exist this month.

I just started teaching kindergarten. Again.
This means turkey projects gaLORE, a Thanksgiving Play and lots and lots of messes.

I have 12 jewelry shows to do this month. TWELVE.

I have an assignment due in 3 days for my Children's Literature Writing Class.
(Haven't started it yet.)

I have triplets. 19 month old triplets.
They are messy. And they are faster than I.
They make messes at the speed of light.

My house is a disaster.
Just ask my mom and sister. They are saintly.
They spent 6 + hours at my house on Saturday, doing MY laundry, among other things. (I know what you're thinking...laundry that takes 6 hours? Well my friends, it did. Yes, it was that bad.)

What follows are pictures of the rest of my house.
Note the messes everywhere...

The dining room table? Is there supposed to be room to eat here?
The kitchen counters....with stuff. Everywhere. Uugh.
The sink. Shoot me now.
The randomness beside the sink.
Highchairs with remnants of grilled cheese and grapes.
ONE of the bathrooms.
The playroom.
There is simply no time to clean up these messes...

And yet somehow, amidst the chaos of the month, I have decided that there is time to do a BLOG A DAY!! That's right...It's National Blog Posting Month!! And my favorite blogging friends Nicole and Anabelle are in with me!!

Why? Why would I commit to such craziness...

Because of these babies (okay...toddlers) who amuse me, inspire me, frustrate me, love me, hug me, laugh with me, EVERY SINGLE DAY! They deserve to have their Cheetoh Stealin' shenanigans made public every day this month!! So stay tuned my friends...This is day one!
One down....29 to go!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited for a blog a day month!!! I actually live for a blog a day month! I can't believe you didnt call me to do your laundry, you know i love to do laundry! Who cares about the messes.....EVERYTHING else is more important, especially those beautiful babies (toddlers :(...... You just made my day Ami Bunch!!! yahooooo for you!!!!! (and Nicole and Anabelle!

butterflymama said...

Wow crazy lady! You go girl!! I do not know how you teach kindergarten all day AND then come home to 3 little ones!! You are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I only noticed the bottles of wine by the coffee maker!

Anabelle said...

Here we go! I'm excited to read yours and Nicole's posts every day... not so excited about posting my own. WE CAN DO IT! Maybe I need to read The Little Engine that Could for inspiration :)

Ami said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes. Those are 3 wine bottles by the coffee maker. How else am I expected to make it through 30 days of blogging?? :) hee hee...

Sincerely, Crazy Ami

Adam and Samantha said...

Love the pictures of your house, makes me feel better!! Have fun this month!

Mom said...

Charlotte, I will be sure to call you on laundry day! Ami I will be on board to lend a hand to keep you sane this next month, that is of course if "I" stay sane. love, mom....you go girl.

Tim and Darcy said...

My triplets are about to turn 3, I don't work, and I don't think I could ever do a blog a day! That's awesome....GOOD LUCK :)

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