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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The B.T.C.

I know it's December, but I couldn't leave you all! It's only been a few hours since November left us and I already missed my blog friends and family.

So, until I lose steam, I'll just continue.  :)

Besides, I've been meaning to share some pretty frightening news about something Hunter's recently gotten involved with. It was something I had NO idea 3 year olds could even begin to know anything about. But, she does and she has.

She's become involved in a gang.

It appears to be a very localized gang. (So local in fact, that for the most part, their turf seems to be confined to the walls of our home, with occasional jaunts to other parts of town.)

It's membership is growing at a pretty alarming rate. What began as just 2 members has grown to 6 in just less than 3 years. Luckily, from what I can tell, they appear to be a non-violent gang and have even dubbed Hunter as their leader. (And she's pretty sweet most of the time.)

This gang I speak of is called 'The B.T.C.'

Parental Enforcement Members know that's code for 'The Bed Time Crew. 

That's Jessie. 

Woobie (one of two founding members of the BTC)



And the newest member, "Bunny." 

They look pretty rough and tumble don't they? 

Particularly their leader, on the left. Those eyes say, "Don't mess with us. We like our naps and we ALWAYS go together." 

Okay, truthfully, the BTC was born not long ago. Hunter has always been extremely loyal to her best toys. She and Woobie were together from the very start. I've written about woobie before so if you follow us regularly, you know that where Hunter goes, Woobie goes. She's less attached now during "lighty hours" as she would say, but naps and bedtimes are must-have woobie times. 

Then somewhere around her first birthday, she got a baby. And baby was initiated into the crew. So all sleeping times required a "Hunter, do you have baby and woobie?" 

Theeeenn, came Jessie, thanks to my good friend Jen Lofgren and the generosity of her kids who decided to give us a bajillion Toy Story toys. From the moment they arrived in our home, Jessie was a full fledged member of the bed time crew. 

Then piggy moved up in the ranks, as she had been a toy for some time, but only recently had her status upped to "the Night Time Clique".

And our last member is Bunny, a new addition to our home and to the Crew. 

So as you might imagine, it became cumbersome and tongue twisting to say, "Hunter! Time for bed! Make sure you get woobie and baby and Jessie and Piggy and Bunny!"  So, I started calling them 'The Bed Time Crew" instead. 

And somehow, not long after that,  I found myself shortening it even further to what we now lovingly refer to as 'THE B.T.C." 

It's kind of funny when I say it, but I find it hysterical when Hunter asks me where her BTC is.   :) 

So there you have it. 
Gang activity is rampant in the toddler sector. 

Her brothers, on the other hand, have much less loyalty to their bed time companions. There was a long time when Colton HAD to have his die cast Lightning McQueen car in hand at bed time, but that ended a while back. Now, both he and Ethan seem to choose a different item each night. And the items are RANDOM.  

Below, a sampling of 'some' of their companions. 
A wooden whistle (not a good night time toy, for obvious reasons.)
An Easter light-up-spinning-toy thingy.
A Kids Black and Decker measuring tape.
More cars.
And my favorite is the Homedics Back Massager which lights up in neon green. (They think it's Rocket from Little Einsteins.) Again, not a good night time toy. 

Happy December everyone! 


Anabelle said...

OMG! Can you imagine if Jax & Hunter get married? They better get a California King to be sure to have enough room for their BTC. He tends to go to bed with a minimum of 20 small animals, they can range from dinosaurs to whales to sharks to forest animals.

Grammy Russo said...

So THATS where my tape measure went!

Lynn Fern said...

Yes yes I get this! We have a nightly routine of do you have Petunia, Trixie, and ladybug with Katie, and Shea is fishy, brobee & safari....every single night! I limit them to 3 because it becomes too much.

Courtney said...

Yay Ami! Welcome to December, my blog friend. :) Keep up the funny stories! Love the BTC. Classic.

Dawn Alexander said...

You are lucky! Our BTC is much more detailed then that! Libby is the worst and everything has to be just exact and she adds new members all the time! As soon as I have it all figured out she has to change it.

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