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Friday, November 30, 2012

Little Monsters

You know that feeling when you find a $5.00 bill in the pocket of an old pair of jeans? 
(Kinda like winning the lottery, I imagine)

Well that's how I felt today when I learned that November has 30 days, NOT 31 like I have been thinking ALL month! Which means, of course, that this is the FINAL blog for the month! Woo hooo!! 
(Fortunately, I DO have more to blog about so realistically, I'll probably still blog tomorrow, but only cuz I WANT to, not cuz I HAVE to!  :) 

These photos just highlight exactly how random my kids are. It's November 30, 75 degrees outside, and my kids are running around with winter hats, underwear, and riding...uh, ponies. 

Ponies which have been named: "HORSEY", and "HORSEY-HORSEY-HORSEY,"

I wanna be three and a half again. 


She loves helping me look for heart shaped rocks. 

Not too shabby...

No joke. They are hysterically random. What a great way to end NABLOPOMO! 


Tracey's Life said...

Your children are just so cute. I enjoy your blog, and seeing their pictures. Keep it up Mom!

Courtney said...

I loved reading all your posts this month. Im a little sad it's December ;) Between you, Anabelle, and Michelle I had plenty of reading to keep me busy!

Dad/Ponka said...

Thank you, Ami, for a month of getting to start every single day with the joy of reading about the "trips." They and Brinley make every day a special day.

Anabelle said...

Yay for Day 30! Good job friend and you actually had legitimate posts!

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