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Friday, May 4, 2012

Mouthfuls of Funny, Part 2

Okay, this is all I can muster tonight. A couple of funnies and a little video clip of Ethan!....I do love to remember all the funny things the kids say...so here at age 3 is round two of 
'Mouthfuls of Funny.'

Hunter: When she leaves you to go do something, she says, "I will stay right back!"

Hunter: You put my milk in the "frigilator"

Hunter: When cats purr, she says, "Kitty's burning!"

Ethan: To express his excitement about anything, he says in the tiniest of voices, "Oh My!"

Colton: Answers questions beginning with the word 'nope.' For example. "Colton, where's the penny?" "Nope! Das a penny." Colton, where's the nickel? "Nope. Das the nickel."

Colton: Perhaps one of my favorites...anytime he is scolded or told not to do something, he turns his chin down, puts on his best scowl and says, "I hongry." To which we say, "Colton, you're not hungry." And his response is, "I tired." It's a total escape tactic and it is HILARIOUS!!

Ethan: Dude could NOT say the word 'strawberry' to save his life. He added about 3 extra syllables to it every time he would attempt it- "stwawberererery." So we practiced it syllable by syllable saying, Ethan, say "Straw, bare, ee." When he finally could do it, we would go totally ballistic with excitement for him. So now, he uses this to his advantage....at times when he wants strawberry milk or anything involving strawberries, he'll come find me, wherever I am, take my hand and say, "Mommy. Stwaw---bar---eee." And then smile as if to say, "aren't I the cutest thing EVER?"'

Hunter, Colton AND Ethan: All three of them are HUGE Toy Story fans and they love all the characters. Two in particular? "Buzz Ranger" and a toy that our friends the Lofgrens got them....and I quote, "Evil Dr. Poo-Chock!"  

So to end the funnies with an even funnier funny....I will share with you the text message I sent to my sister the other day. I'd had to take the day off to watch my 3 kids and my baby niece. So I wanted to know if my sister had a 'Bumbo' seat at her house that I could borrow. So I sent her this text to ask her if her husband could bring one over when he brought Brinley.

Damn autocorrect. 

And finally, (with my luck, these probably won't play tomorrow, though they appear to be playing just fine right now.) A while back, the kids were watching a movie in the their new sleeping  bags, (Thank you Brosnan Family!!) And suddenly Ethan started to pretend to snore. It was so stinking funny!! Do me a favor, PLEASE scroll all the way to the end of my blog and pause the music before you listen to these. The snoring is hysterical! 



Anabelle said...

This one made me feel better! "Kitty burning!" Hilare!

Just Jen said...

Oh my! The snoring was the cutest thing *ever*!! Happy Friday, friend!

Nicole said...

Okay, the auto correct made me pee a little..... great post:)

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