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Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's finished! It's finished!

No, sorry, not the birthday blog....


It arrived on my doorstep just a few weeks ago!

The culmination of our travels to Kansas City for our photo shoot.
The assurance that traveling with triplets on an airplane WAS in fact worth every moment.
The gifts and kindness from new friends.  :)

The BOOK! It's finished! I hope someday you find yourself in a Hanger Office somewhere so that you can pick up a copy and read the countless stories of hope, determination and perseverance; second chances and lives enhanced because of this amazing company.

 And if you do happen to find yourself in a Hanger Office, and you ARE perusing this great book....

If by chance you should find yourself on page 72.....
 Or 73...
 Then you shall be greeted by my helmet clad trio and can read our story. (But if you're reading this blog, then chances are, you already know our story!)  :)

 And as if the book weren't enough, a few days later my mailman brought me this...a beautiful canvas portrait of my family, a gift from our 'Hanger Family.' 
And by the grace of the Hanger Gods and the magic of patient people, we are ALL smiling and we are ALL looking where we're supposed to be. 
That is a miracle. 

We are so touched and grateful to Hanger Orthotics for allowing our little family to be a part of this  big project. And for the kindness you've bestowed on us, we thank you. 

Especially to you Krisita, Jennifer and Jennifer.  :)

If you ARE new to our blog and want the backstory behind this project, feel free to check out the following links related to our experience with helmets, Hanger and the project that came of it all.  

Oh Yeah...one other thing. Remember that contest last year? Top Multiples Blogs? The one that came down to mere minutes and votes? The one that YOU helped us WIN? 

Well someone (not me) nominated us again....am I up for another challenge? If you are, I think I am. If you feel like rewarding me for my blog-a-day challenge, go ahead, give a little click and a vote for 'The Best Things in Life are Three."One vote a day. Tell your friends! :)  Help me spread the word! Thanks! 

And that's all she wrote for today!
3 down, 28 to go! 


Anabelle said...

What!? A canvas portrait?? You didn't mention it. You must have been waiting for your blog-a-day month to reveal the surprise. :) It looks fabulous!

Mrs. Lofgren said...

What a beautiful family portrait! :)

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