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Monday, March 12, 2012

Flat Bunches

You know, it was just the other day I was saying, "Gosh, wouldn't it be neat if I had a life size cardboard cut out of my family..." 

And then-I got this photo in my email! 

(First of all, you know I didn't really say that, right?)

But that sure doesn't lessen the excitement I had when I saw it! I mean come on! How fun is this?? 
Remember a year or so ago when Hanger Orthotics flew our family to Kansas City for that photo shoot? Well that adorable girl on the left is Krisita. She's the PR guru, and we pretty much adore her for her patience with our family and her commitment to making everything as wonderful as possible when flying 3 toddlers across the country to pose for photos. 

And that family on the right? Yup! That's MINE! You may recall that Hanger Orthotics is sort of revamping its image and thought enough of us and our 3 helmet clad babies to include us in a book about their company's history. We were both honored and excited for the opportunity. 

So when Krisita emailed me this photo the other day, I was pretty stoked. One, to see a photo in which all 5 people actually look really HAPPY and two, it was just a fun reminder of that trip, which was at times, extremely stressful when Ethan 1/3 of the Bunchkins would.not.cooperate.at.all. because despite all that, it was a fabulous trip-one we will cherish forever. 

So anyhoo, they 'brought us along' to an education fair in Las Vegas, to use as part of the 'unveiling' of their new branding campaign! So how bout that? Now I can say I've been to Vegas twice in my lifetime!  :)
Thanks so much Krisita for sending this to me! It totally put a smile on my face! And thanks once again to Hanger Orthotics for thinking enough of my babies to include them in this project. 

 Good night friends! I promise another blog real soon...


Jeremy DeBauche said...

That's very exciting! The Bunches are big time now :)

Dad/Ponka said...

The big unanswered question is, "Who gets the life size poster after the convention is over?" Beautiful ...

Mary said...

I think it will go lovely in your living room...

Not many people can say they have a life size cardboard cut out of themselves!

Krisita said...

I'm so glad you liked it and so excited I made the blog! :) Happy birthday to the Bunchkins! They are so darn cute!

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