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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm a big kid now. (and so am I, and so am I)

I randomly found a misplaced onesie the other day. TINY. TINY. TINY little onesie. It's a preemie size and just holding it brought back a flood of memories of days when that tiny preemie outfit was too big for my babies. A time when contact with our kids meant reaching through the "portholes" of their incubators in the NICU. When tubes and wires and leads were fed through the arm and leg holes of these giant preemie clothes. *Sigh*...They were so fragile then. They're so...not fragile now. :) I miss those days and I love to leave them behind all at the same time. My kids beat some serious odds you know and I'm so proud of my three little-soon-to-be TWO YEAR OLDS!!

Tonight, I let Hunter play with the outfit she once swam in, and I think she honestly thought I had given her clothes for her baby doll. Someday, she'll see these pictures and be totally floored that she ever fit into that. So I, in my sappy, reminiscing, "don't grow up" kinda moment found it only appropriate when she held it up to her little body, to take a picture. And wow...I am again amazed at how far they've come. So after she posed with her former onesie, I had to make the others do the same thing.
(He is wearing a diaper, I swear.)

And then, as if the ghost of babies past was trying to visit me again, on this same night, I happened to be relocating a bag of sugar in the pantry and I was once again struck at the realization that that 5 lb bag of sugar is heavier than any of the babies was at birth. CRAZY! So I thought it would be fun to take a picture of them all with the bag of sugar that outweighed them!

3lb. 2 oz then...
21.2 lb. now.
4 lb. 6 oz then
25.2 lb. now
3 lb 15 oz then
23.2 lb now
Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.
I'm not sure why I'm still blogging. Going on 39 days straight! Don't be disappointed in me if you wake up one of these days and there isn't a new blog...I'm kinda running on empty. Anyhoo...till then, just keep on enjoying!


Jenna said...

They have gotten so big! And sooo much cuter (..and I didn't think that was possible!) I LOVE how the boys slowly have less and less clothing on in each picture!

Mary said...

Love those pictures! Are you sure about Colton wearing a diaper?? : )

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