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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Seems lately I have many moments, during which I realize I am deep in conversation with, or being observed by someone whose perspective is laughably different than mine.

This frequently happens on my solo trips to Target. It begins in the parking lot. I can tell you honestly, from the depths of my soul that I get this giddy feeling the minute I throw the car in 'park'. As I grab my purse and head to the side of the car to unload my troop, I am already thinking, "I'm so excited. They'll be so excited. We ALL love Target." At this point in our journey, Hunter has typically already asked me, "we gonna get our drinks, Mommy?" at least 3 times.  (Man, she's a fast learner-starbucks for me, icees for them.)

 I unload the first child and lead him to the sidewalk or other safe place near the car and say, "Stay here. Don't move." Then heading back for #2, I think about how much I enjoy shopping with my 3 kids. Yes, I said it. I really do enjoy it. Number two is instructed to stay with number 1 while I go back for number 3. (And they DO stay put.)

Once we're all out of the car, we arrange ourselves so that I can hold two of their hands while the third child holds one of his siblings' ("so doze cars don't hit me,"Hunter will tell me) and in a long line, we walk across the parking lot, heading for the store. And all the while, I'm beaming inside. No joke. I'm literally spilling over with thoughts of how proud I am of us (all of us) and how cute my little shoppers are. I honestly couldn't be happier.

And all the while, I can see people staring. Some are smiling friendly smiles, some are smiling that awkward confused smile, and some just look, bewildered, even annoyed that I'm about to bring 3 toddlers into THEIR store. {Ha! Let's compare the numbers and we'll decide WHOSE store it is!}All the while, I just keep skipping along thinking about how lucky I am that I can shop with my triplets. People must be so jealous that I have triplets....


Did I just say that? Jealous? Oh, the hell they are. No, they're not envious in the slightest. They're laughing at me. They pity me. They want to watch just so they can see the part where all hell breaks loose (and oh, it does from time to time.).

Some appear all incognito-y, holding their one child's hand, acting all carefree and relaxed and I'm sure they're thinking, "My God, she's got her hands full. I can't even IMAGINE having triplets. That poor mother."

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, I watched those onlookers myself, the whole time thinking, "Wow, they look so... lonely. How boring their lives must be. I can't even IMAGINE having just one child. Those poor people."

And there you have it.


Just a funny thought I've had a lot lately.


Brian Daniels said...

Aunt Laurene and I are heading out to Target a little later. We'll be thinking about you for sure. So happy that Love has shaped your perspective in such a positive way.

Samantha said...

They probably are jealous. Don't sell yourself short. My 3 are better behaved than some people's singleton! Their kid will be running around like a lunatic, while mine stick to my side quietly. I know that they are jealous!

Be proud!

Auntie Val said...

Ami I was just saying today what an amazing Mom you are and that your patience and your love for those triplets have shaped them into the wonderful little people they have become. So much fun to spend time with.You should be very proud. Enjoy every moment. Thanks for joining us at the park. Love you all.
Perspective! Perfect!

awendybird said...

Seriously Ami! I've seen you guys at Target several times and the kids are always well-behaved and you always look happy :) I am a little jealous! I was fortunate to have 3 babies but infertility has taken its toll on me and I couldn't have more despite wanting and trying. I feel lucky to have my 3 and I know you know the feeling! Your kids are adorable and I love reading about them. So keep sharing them and keep enjoying them - I love you guys!

Burklund Blogger said...

I have a 2.5 year old boy and am about to have twin boys (like- next week) and I LOVE reading about some of things you do with your family. It brings me hope that all hell doesn't break loose ALL the time and that I can do things outside of the house and laugh at other people thinking life if unbelievably chaotic all the time... perspective... it can make or break your experiences... thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You have always been one to find the good in any situation and from the looks of it, you have a whole lot of Good going on, make that a whole lot of Great going on. Im so happy for you. Your children are lucky to have such an amazing woman for a mother!

Sarah said...

"Wow, they look so... lonely. How boring their lives must be. I can't even IMAGINE having just one child. Those poor people."

I have had this exact thought!

I hope my three end up as well behaved as yours.

Jeremy DeBauche said...

While we haven't exactly devised our take-over strategy for the local Target (I know it's coming though), I can honestly say that I can't imagine having anything but our three girls. Might it be easier? Perhaps. Would I only be getting 1/3 of the amount of smiles I do on a daily basis? Absolutely. Would my heart be 2/3 less full? Positively. You have great perspective Ami.

Abbey said...

I love this post! I also love your outlook and positive attitude! I can't wait to take my three shopping and feel that accomplishment and excitement!:)

Joelee said...

I LOVE this post! I have also had this conversation with myself when I am Target! :)

We go out to eat often{okay, once every other week or so}, and the looks that we get when we first walk into a restaurant would make most people walk right back out. Inevitably by the end of our dinner, we have at least one person come over and tell us how they were worried when we first walked in and thought about moving..., but then congratulate us on how well our kids behave in a restaurant. They do always end with a 'better you than me' or a 'I couldn't do it' type of statement though ;)

I do think we are the lucky ones!

Anonymous said...

As someone who has struggled with infertility, I'd think you would be more sensitive towards the women who can only have ONE child, despite a desire for more. That was a very hurtful comment.

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