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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mouthfuls of Funny

One of the best parts of teaching kindergarten for so many years has been the compilation of funny stuff the kids say. As such, having 3 amateur speakers in my very own household makes for HOURS of entertainment. I never want to forget the funny things they say at this ripe old age of 35 months...

What follows are mostly misused words or phrases that are very commonly used by my kids.  :)

Hunter: Smoke Detractors (smoke detectors)

Hunter: "Can you turn up the windows?" (roll up the windows)

Ethan: "What -Appened? (what happened? This almost always means something bad has 'happened.)

Hunter: "You lock your phone so I can't call China?"

Colton: "Oh, I sowwy mommy."

Colton: [Both hands on cheeks] "Oh no! I can't find it ANYwhere!" 

Hunter: "You just gonna go clean the kitchen now?" (She says this every time I tuck her in due to the fact that I ONCE told her I would come up to my room and go to bed after I cleaned up the kitchen a bit.)

Colton: "Snappich" (Sandwich)

Ethan: I want some Stwawbererererery milk. 

Colton: Rack-o-cheese (macaroni and Cheese) 

Ethan: "No. Not yet." (He Inserts this phrase in his low, raspy, monotone voice without missing one tiny beat following any question in which the answer is not a desirable one for him. Ex. "Ethan, can you go pick out your jammies? No not yet." {Doesn't even look up.]. "Ethan it's time for a nap." "No. Not yet." (take my word....it's funny in person.)

Colton: "Got poops in there in the BUTT." (His way of telling you he's pooped.)

Hunter: "It's not scary in my room. I'm not afraid in my room. I like my room. I like my stars." (Her way of convincing herself she is, in fact, NOT afraid, which she of course, is. ) 

Colton/Ethan: "Buzz Ranger" (Somehow Buzz Lightyear became 'Buzz Ranger'. ) 


Anabelle said...

I may have to adopt "snappich". Love it all! BTW, the new camera is AH-Mazing!

Mrs. Pertile said...

I was totally noticing the photos too! You must have gotten a new toy!

I'm jealous. :)

Jeremy DeBauche said...

I think "You lock your phone so I can't call China?" takes it. Too funny.

The Alexanders said...

SO FUNNY! I have been working on a post like this, I would hate to one day forget any of the funny little things they say!

Tim and Darcy said...

Oh how I've missed catching up with you guys! The kids are SO big and cute and too funny for...well, words! Love this post :)

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