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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brisk Blue

I can probably count on 2 hands the number of times in my life I've gotten a pedicure from an actual salon. I'm more the "do-it-yourself" kinda girl. Much like my hair...I've never actually had my hair professionally dyed before either. I always do it myself.

As polishes go, I'm typically a pink or red kinda girl. But you see, Brian bought Hunter pink, purple AND blue nail polish for her Christmas Stocking, and the blue just sits there, all by itself, in the medicine cabinet, full of sorrow and loneliness as its pink and purple counterparts consistently get taken out and swiped over little tiny nails.

So fine. I'm a sucker (even for an inanimate bottle of blue nail polish). I decided to give myself a shabby pedicure yesterday. Aside from the fact that I'm entirely unsure why I'm posting pictures of my feet on this blog, I thought I'd show you my blue toes! (Interestingly, the last time my toes were painted blue was also the last time I posted a picture of my feet...my ankles were the size of tree trunks and I was just weeks away from meeting the trio. )

Anyway, because I can't do anything alone anymore, ever, it was only moments after I painted the first toe that I realized I had little helpers. Colton, who had "pretend painted" my toenails just yesterday with a tightly closed bottle of pink polish, was curious about the real process.... As you can see, he's pointing out my mistakes. He's a perfectionist, you know.
But Hunter. Oh, little Hunter. She's a girl after my own heart. And if you recall, she's always been a polished fashionista from her earliest days.... She's so darn smart...she was watching intently as I painted my toes, glancing up at me every so often saying, "toes?" "feet?" And then she grabbed the bottle of paint and I knew what she wanted to do.

I silently debated whether or not to indulge her innocent request at the expense of what would certainly be a mess or deny her entirely at the cost of listening to her dejected cries.

Well, she won. I knew how badly she wanted to be "like mommy" and it certainly wouldn't be the worst mess I'd ever cleaned up, so...I got a paper towel and handed her the brush. She is truly irresistible to me.

So we're still working on our fine motor skills. She's close, right?

She's so proud of herself. And look who's in line for his pedicure next! Mr. Colton.

Ethan, on the other hand is not lovin that Hunter ALSO wants to paint his toenails.
Or his feet. As it would be.
Yeah, she just tasted nail polish. (And for the record, let's all be very clear that I had JUST taken her piggies of power out of her hair, which is why her hair looks so lovely..)
Uh, a little lower Hunter.
Poor Ethan.
And this is what happened when I finally pried the polish from her little hands.
"But I wasn't done yet, mommy!"
Uh, yeah you are, little one.
But, like a good mommy, I wore my beautifully painted toenail polish all night and all the next day!

In fact, as I sit here writing this blog, there, my "Brisk Blue" Smurf toes sit, staring back at me.
Gotta love it.
Day 3 Done. 28 to go.


April said...

I love it!

Jenny said...

That is so cute Ami! I love how you cherish the little things.

Anabelle said...

You are a much better mom than I (or maybe less vain)!

Sarah said...

wow, you are brave! ;)

Tim and Darcy said...

You are the cutest mama!!! :)

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