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Friday, March 4, 2011

Playin' at the Park

One of the downfalls to having triplets is that until they reach a certain age, you can't "just go" to the park. Because they're like cats - crazy, fast, rascally, disobedient, little cats. And keeping them all in your sights at a park is like herding cats. So I don't go to places like that alone. Yet. In good time, I will. But for now, we're just glad that Aunt Mary is right around the corner and is always ready and willing to help with the herd.

Conveniently, there's a quaint little park just behind our neighborhood and it's never really that busy and has a fun play structure for the kids!

So we made some lunches, and then hit the park! We had a little picnic and then mid-way through lunch, the kids decided they were ready to play! Sayonara peanut butter and jelly! We've got some playing to do!

See that giant cattle gate right there? Yeah, Ethan ran SMACK into it. It didn't go well.

And somehow, when I wasn't looking, my kids grew up. They learned how to climb up, and go down the slide ALL THEIR BUH-SELVES.

Honest to God, I could feel my heart swelling with pride as their little arms and legs climbed the rungs to big boy and girl-hood!

And they were SO excited to find bleachers again!
If you recall, they found bleachers with Nana and Papa Bunch not too long ago so this was extra exciting for them!

Run pregnant lady, run! Ah ha ha!!

Watching Hunter run is about the funniest thing I've ever seen. That girl's got a spring in her step for sure!

She was consoling Ethan because he was mad that I pulled him away from the water fountain. (There was a bee following us, what was I to do? )

Bye Bye Park! See you again!


Nicole said...

Umm.. I like that Mary is wearing heels. To a park:)

The Alexanders said...

So much fun! I can't wait for park season to roll around again! I love that picture of you and the boys at the bottom of the slide waiting for Hunter..definately fb profile pic worthy!

Anabelle said...

LOL Nicole! I was going to comment the same thing! Oh Mary! And I can't wait for her to have a belly. Just sayin'.

Mary said...

The park was not on the agenda when I went over...I would not recommend those shoes when walking up the playground equipment. It was bittersweet when they walked all the way up without wanting any help and went down the slide...getting too big!

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