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Monday, December 10, 2012

Have pop creams. Will sing.

Oh my goodness...I can hardly stand to wait any longer to see how this production at school turns out. Since the video I posted a few days ago, we've made a pretty decent amount of progress in trying to learn their songs and actually SING them. I swear my mom and her bribery, while seemingly harsh is really quite an effective tactic :) 

Today they sang for Cream Puffs. (Which, since we're talking about it, is something I'd pretty much dance around in a chicken suit for. So frankly, I like where their heads are at.) 

Ethan kept asking for more "Pop Creams."  (hee hee...) 

Anyhoo, such different styles of singing, I honestly couldn't pick a favorite. I'm sure they will stand as still and motionless as statues on THE night, but that's okay. (UNLESS, I can get Grammy to sit in the front row with a tub of cream puffs....) Oh, sorry. I digress. 

Anyhoo, please, check out the latest rendition of "Jingle Bells". (With Gigi looking on..)





Charlotte Hoffner said...

Absolutely adorable!! I love that Gigi is in the background!! I can't wait to hear all about the performance!! Miss you my friend!!

Ponka said...

Phenomenal. Enough said. :-)

Lynn Fern said...

Love!! I love this age :)

Grammy Russo said...

I got the cream puffs covered!

ABTC said...

nice blog

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