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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The VonTrips

Oh Sonshine Preschool...you and your upcoming Holiday Performance are giving me great giggles.

We are currently practicing 4 songs at home and with varying degrees of enthusiasm and cooperation. I do not know any of the 'actions' that are supposed to accompany their singing, so I've been mildly adding my own for the sake of entertainment, all the while purposely NOT doing the actions so much that they actuall remember them. Heaven knows I don't need to have the only 3 kids in the show doing their own thing!! (Oh right...that IS what happened at their last little show.)

Most of the songs the kids know are because they listen to them in grammy's car and sing them with her. No joke. They know songs I don't even know. 

So she's also been helping them learn their songs when she watches them during the day. 

Today, she was making them sing for snacks! (BRILLIANT, I tell you! ) Colton, who is always the LAST to sing for me, was graciously singing "Jingle Bells" whilst Grammy dangled a graham cracker in front of his nose!! So stinking cute he is when he sings! 

Ethan is the most stubborn at this point. Which stands to reason. He stood as still as a statue the last time his class sung a few songs. (Still hilarious, mind you.) 

Hunter, on the complete other hand, has been belting out, "I wanna wish you a merry Christmas!" (She's got her emphasis on the wrong syllable most of the time, but it's still adorable.) But not funnier than listening to her rendition of "Feliz Navi-dog. La la, la la...Feliz Navi-dog. La la, la la. "
OMG, it's all I can do to keep a straight face. 

Now, just to make your holidays a little more chipper, or at least give you a reason to smile, I give to you, a sneak peek of what's to come in another week and a half...The Bunch Trio singing Jingle Bells! A perfect snapshot of everyone's usual degrees of cooperation. Please excuse the gratuitous partial nudity. We were in various stages of bedtime preparations.

And now, a step (or two) down from the VonTraps, I give you, the VonTrips!  (Get it, "Trips?")

Ethan on the left, Hunter center stage, and Colton on the right.


Lynn Fern said...

OMG..so cute!!! The joys of having toddlers ;)

Dad/Ponka said...

Thank you. This was a great way to start the day.I love that Hunter is unperturbed despite the "chaos" all around her. :-)

Anabelle said...

Sign them up for XFactor!

Abbey said...

Love their little voices singing! To stinking cute!

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