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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toddler Exit Polls

Listening to my kindergartners' discussions today regarding who they, (which ultimately means their parents) are voting for, (and why) was hilarious. 

First of all, the names:
Rocco Bama
Barako Bama
Mitt Rob-a-ney
Mitten Romney

All I can say is these kids have been paying attention to their parents. (Take it from the teachers all you parents out there. Your kids DO listen and hear every word you say! AND they repeat it verbatim to all their classmates AND their teachers!) Their discussions in several cases, were almost as heated as 2 adults' might be. Yikes!

And this made me think I ought to ask my own children who they think is going to win. 
This would, naturally, be based on only the most scientific data.

Brian and I don't discuss politics, so naturally, our kids don't either. 
Well that, and they're three.  

Which, in my opinion, made them the PERFECT candidates for this poll. 

When I picked the kids up after work today, I put up pictures of both major candidates on the laptop. Individually, I took each child to a separate location and asked him or her the same 3 questions. 
Here, their responses.  (Grouped by question) :)

QUESTION 1: Who do you think looks nicer? 

QUESTION 2: Who do you think looks smarter? 

QUESTION 3: Who do you think should be the President and be in charge of us? 


And there you have it. 
2 out of 3 Bunchkins choose Obama for "Nice" Factor. 
3 out of 3 choose Romney for the "Smart" Factor. 
2 out of 3 choose Obama for President.  

I'd say that's about as official as it gets, my friends! 
Happy election day 2012! 
Hopefully you were able to exercise your right to vote in this important election!  


Courtney said...

One of my students said they were voting for Ba-rocoli Obama ;) I think that was my favorite pronunciation of the day. We also had pictures of their families and one of the kiddos said, "Well this guy has a lot of grownups (in reference to all of Romney's sons) in his family so I vote for him."

Anabelle said...

Courtney, you win! Ba-rocoli Obama is the best yet!
I loved watching and listening to the kindergartners talk about who they were voting for. It was quite fascinating!

Mary said...

Love their voting attire : )

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Very funny and great experiment with the kiddos :)

Ponka said...

Am looking forward to the day when we can discuss politics "for real" with The Bunchkins and Brinley. Love you.

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