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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


When my dear friend Charlotte, whom I was blessed to have as my parapro for several years, moved back to Phoenix this summer, I was so, so, so sad. (And I will always be, Charlotte!) 

But almost as if it was Charlotte's going-away present to me, I was given the great surprise that Niki would be taking Charlotte's job, in my classroom! I was so happy! 

It's hard to really describe Niki. Pick all the nicest, kindest most endearing adjectives you can think of and they'll all work. She's amazing to work with and have as a friend. But what's even better is how much she loves my kids. And how much they love her. 

I maybe think it's a little bit cute that from time to time one of the Bunchkins calls her "Mickey". I maybe don't want to correct them... Let me tell you something. Niki goes OUT OF HER WAY to help us. Last year she babysat for us every Thursday afternoon, just to give my mom a break for a few hours. This year, she offers to come hang out and watch the kids most half days. 

The kids get so excited when they know Niki is coming over because, well, she's not your average babysitter. (Now don't try to steal her after I tell you how great she is). She doesn't just come over. She comes over and does the COOLEST things with the kids. A few weeks ago, they made baking soda and vinegar concoctions. Today, they made that flubbery goop stuff. (Which Hunter later mentioned was called "Scoop". As in, "Mom, maybe next time, I will make blue scoop with Niki."  hee hee. 

So check out their great day! 
I think Niki speaks 'triplet' because she knows just how to separate them, incorporate them, involve them, include them, etc. I mean, she doesn't miss a beat! Look-glue bottles for EVERYONE. 

She lets them all have a turn to do things, in this case, stir the 'scoop'. 
AND she even takes a picture of EACH kid doing it! 

And away they went!  Taking turns at each new step! 

I'm guessing this was Hunter taking a picture of Ethan and Niki.  :) 
 Apparently, this mixture becomes colder the more you play with it. Which made it fun for Ethan (sensory kid...go figure) to put it on his nose.  Silly boy...

 So. Much. Fun. 

Niki, thank you for being the most amazing person you are. 
You are one in a million. 


Melissa Juliet said...

What a cute little blog!! I couldn't imagine three, two is enough for me.

Obviously I like to rhyme! haha

Dawn Alexander said...

but how do you make "scoop"

Ponka said...

I second your motion. Niki is a gem. And, yes, what is the recipe for "scoop"?

Nanny said...

Three looks like three times the fun! The 'scoop' looks awesome. Love the colour too hehe. Looks like they had a really fun day.

Lawson and Ians Mum said...

Niki was the most awesome first grade para pro for my kids! And you know, if you use clear glue then the goop looks like snot.... just ask the boys!

estetik said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anabelle said...

I believe your next post needs to include Scoop directions. That looks like something a singleton would like to do while his little sister is napping.

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