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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Super Duper Tiny Hoopers

I've got 38 progress reports to do tonight. 
Well, that AND 3 preschool lunches to make. 
Oh, and clothes for preschool (they look highly upon that, apparently.) 

So....tonight, there is no time for wordiness. 
But don't dismay...cuz I have TWO somethings that are WAY better than words. 

I have 2 kids with 2 very different hula hooping styles. 
I dare you not to laugh. 
(And for the record, Ethan may or may not have my hula hooping coordination...) 

Hunter, however, clearly got the HH gene from my mother and sister. That gene skipped me...

Happy Day 8! 


Mary said...

I love it! Great post : ) And love Hunter's hair too...

Ponka said...

Hunter honors the glorious HH heritage of her grandmother and aunt. What a hoot. And Ethan? Suffice it to say that, as with most things in life, he marches to the beat of his own drummer. :-)

Anabelle said...

I've watched these videos no less than 6 times just now. Hilare!

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