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Friday, November 9, 2012

Come SEE it!!

"Mommy, LOOK! Come see it, come SEE it!"

(Hearing that phrase leaves me a wee bit leery...seeing how
it has ended with "See my McQueen?" as often as it has ended with "See my poop?")

You can understand then why I was hesitant to oblige.

I immediately notice Bob the Builder (Colton) who is outgrowing his favorite hat faster than any other item of clothing he owns. Yet it cracks me up that he wears it as often as he does...

Anyhoo, much to my delight, the sentence ended with, "A CATERPILLAR! See it mommy? It's a tiny, baby caterpillar!" (Whew! Bullet dodged!)

I've said this before, but I LOVE it when the kids get along. They exhibit such teamwork and such camaraderie when they want to. In this case, it was a team effort to protect this curled up friend who inched his way onto our patio. 

I know it LOOKS like he's about to squish it, but it was the opposite, actually. 
He is protecting it from Ethan who was adjusting his surveillance position on his belly. 

At some point in the caterpillar fiesta, someone spied a bonus critter! 
"Look, a CRACKET!" (no, not a typo.)  :) 
Here, they investigate. And really, the hat?  

Getting  a closer look...
All three now...

Aren't they adorably pleasant in this photo? 

But, as with all things, the attention span is only so long. And before I knew it, we were back to the caterpillar. :)
Hunter was taking her caterpillar mother role very seriously. 

Do you see how her little hand immediately covers it up when she sees the tricycle terror coming?

Pretty sure she's trying to think of a name for it.  

Happy Friday everyone! 


Mary said...

Love Hunter's hand on Colton...

Ponka said...

Love the last two pics of Hunter. It is easy to project into the future and envision what a beautiful young woman she will be one day. The big question: Did the caterpillar survive?

Ami said...

Yes, the caterpillar did survive! Believe it or not!

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