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Saturday, November 10, 2012

ABCs of Hunter

A- Adventurous eater. She's the only one of the three who will try new foods willingly. She has the most diverse taste buds too, and seems to like many foods that the boys do not. Rice, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Steak, etc.

B- Baby, Woobie and Jessie. It's her perfect trifecta of comforts. She doesn't go to sleep without 'em. (It's been baby and Woobie (her little mini blanket) for 2 years now, but recently, my good friend Jen Lofgren donated a TON of Toy Story toys to the kids and since that day, Jessie has been a full fledged member of the Hunter Olivia Bedtime Crew.

C- Calendar. I hung a princess calendar in her room for her because she was always asking me when things were going to happen. She is obsessed with it. She loves going through it from start to finish so she can tell me everything that's going to happen. We recently started finding pictures of everyone she knows and gluing them to their birthday on her calendar.

D- Daddy's little girl. This is no exaggeration-whatEVER he does, she wants to do with him. Mow the lawn, wash the cars, build a tent, weld a trailer, tinker in the garage. She's everything the boys are not.  :) She LOVES her daddy.

E- Exactly like her mother. She looks like me, she's spunky, she's feisty, she's sassy, she's BRILLIANT, (hee hee). And she just might have an itty bitty temper....like her mommy.  :)

F- Fear. It's something that's only started to rear its ugly head recently. Movies are scarier, being in a dark room is scarier, strange noises are suddenly scarier. I wish they never had to be afraid of anything.

G- Girly Girl. She wears princess dresses, high heels and jewelry. She loves to have her hair done and she loves to do other people's hair. Is totally into picking out her own outfits and choosing her hairdo for the day!

Hunter on the left, and two of my very best friends from High School's daughters, Taylor
(Heather Hunziker's daughter) and Abby (Leigh Martin's daughter). Crazy. Hunter and Taylor
 are now in Preschool together. And it totally warms my heart when Hunter tells me that
Taylor is her "Best" friend. (Where she even learned that term, is beyond me). 

H- Habit. She's a creature of it. She's very systematic about how we do certain things.

I-Independent. Wants to do everything all by herself. (And she CAN do most things without help.) She wakes up, takes off her jammies, puts on clean underwear, picks out her clothes and puts them on, and even puts on her shoes.
J-Jobs. She's a very big helper around the house. She often goes into the laundry room and notices when the dog and cat food bowls are empty and she removes the lids from both tin canisters and fills all the animals' bowls for them. She also puts toys back where they belong, she deposits her dirty laundry in the hamper, etc.

K- Kitchen. If there is food to be made, she's in it. And she's helping. She's cracking eggs, stirring, mixing, pouring, etc. She loves to be a little cook.
 L- Little mother It's evident in her actions, her language and her desire to 'care for' and 'take care of' everyone. She's often her brothers' keeper, but is also eager to 'mother' her little cousin, Brinley.

M- Moves all OVER her bed while she sleeps. I typically find her sideways, upside down, head in her footboard, and even practically standing with her feet on the floor but her tummy and head on the bed. Poor, restless little sleeper. (The best part is that she thinks it's so funny.) She can't wait till morning when I tell her how I found her.) She modeled some of the positions for you. (see below)
Feet on the floor...

Upside down...

Body on her bed...feet on Colton's...

N-Needs a 'piggytail' and a bobby pin for all meals. Hates having her hair fall in her face while she's eating. (Can't say that I blame her, really.)

O- (I have two letter O's cuz I couldn't pick just one.) "Oll right." (Say that with a long O sound.) It's her "phrase" right now. Hunter: "Mommy, what're you doing?" Me: "Feeding the cat."  Hunter: "Oll right."  OR Me: Five more minutes until bed! Hunter:  Oll right!" It's so simplistic it's funny.  AND
O Out-Inside. It's how she describes things that are "Inside Out."  hee hee

P- Pepperina Pizza. It's her new thing.  :)

Q- Questions everything. Nuff said.

R- Remembers everything-short term and long term. It's pretty scary how good her recall is. She knows my phone number. She knows what their birthdate is, who was born first, second, third. She knows what time each of the trips was born. Not to mention letters, sounds, sight words, etc.  She just amazes me...

S- Sings. A LOT. She sings real songs, she sings songs she makes up. She just sings. In the dressing room at Target she sings, "Tryin' on a sweater, tryin on a sweater.."And Smart as a whip. I know I'm her mom, but she really is smart.

T- Terrified of the Shower coming on while she's in the bathtub. If she sees one of her brothers' hands go near the little knob that starts the shower, you best cover your ears. She's gonna scream.

V- Very crafty. Loves to paint, use chalk, draw, build, create. You name it. Preschool has been a heaven for her! She comes home almost every day with a new creation (or 3).

She was just 'arranging' rocks....

And was thrilled that it looked like a fish when she was done!

Her chalk person

Drawing chalk bodies

W- Won't eat potatoes. In just about any form. (French fries are okay occasionally.) Otherwise, forget it. She won't touch 'em. (This is about the only trait of hers that makes me question our genetic relation to one another.)  :)
X- eXtremely prone to bloody noses. I have no idea why. But she gets them a lot. (Which takes me back to letter I for independent. She will even go into the bathroom and tear off toilet paper and twist it like daddy does and put a little plug in her nose all by herself, and then proceed to wipe up any blood. Seriously? She's 3.

Y- Yearns to make friends with our cats. Oh, she tries so hard to get them to come to her. She's even learned how to walk slower, talk softer and make 'clicky' sounds that are enticing to the kitties. She sooo wants them to love her. She even turns on the bathroom faucet in hopes that Gracie will come out from her hiding spots to drink the water.

Z- She's a 'zesty' little thing. (Yes, I had to google adjectives that begin with 'z' for this one). She really does have a zest for most things she does. She especially loves her brothers (her boys, as she calls them) and she loves her family to pieces. She's spicy and funny and a true cracker jack. As we've said many, many times....THANK GOD BABY C WAS A GIRL!


Ponka said...

The pic of you and Hunter in which you are holding her (she is wearing a light green top)and you are both looking in the same direction (profile)is BEAUTIFUL. Love, Ponka

Abbey said...

She is so sweet and such a beautiful little lady! Love how much she loves helping her daddy....I hope one of our girls is their Dad's shadow!:)

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