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Monday, November 5, 2012

Parent Rap

All right. In 30 days of posts, I ought to be able to get by at least once with a 'freebie' right? By no means do I plan to skimp on actually posting....just...saving time by using someone else's brilliance to entertain you. (My brilliance is at an unusual low point tonight. It's Monday. What can I say?)

Someone posted this on FB the other day and I was totally cracking up.

The part about making macaroni and cheese? Um, that's me. I had an epiphany not long ago, that I've reached a new high (or low?) because I can finally make macaroni and cheese without actually using a measuring cup for the 1/4 cup of milk. I can straight-up eyeball it now. That's right, folks. I've arrived. :)

Anyhoo, if you're a parent, you'll appreciate this.

If you're about to be a parent, pay close attention. It's all true.

If you're not a parent, you're probably an aunt, uncle, or other relative and I'm willing to bet you'll still find it funny.


(But first, some obligatory cute pics. As much as I sometimes hate how much travel Brian does for work, it's almost worth it to watch the greeting he gets from his babies when he comes home. )  Sorry for the undies...again.

And now....THE PARENT RAP! 
(Scroll down to the bottom of my page and pause the music first so you can really hear it.) 

Parents rap about maintaining their household by videosonlytube


butterflymama said...

LOVE that rap!!! I posted it on FB too!!

Ami said...

It might've been you that I first saw it from Julie!! I'm so glad you did! It has provided me much entertainment!!

Sarah said...

good lord that was funny!!! :)

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