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Sunday, November 4, 2012

An afternoon "hike" in the desert

I used the quotation marks in the title because this particular outing was spurred ONLY by the sobs of a particular little girl who was pretty much devastated when she wasn't allowed to go with Grammy and Al on a true hike as I picked them up after work one day. 

Never mind trying to reason with a 3 year old. They don't care that their little legs would never make it on a hike, or that they'd be dying of thirst between the car and the trail...your good, common sense is dead to them.  

Well, I was in no position to fix this by actually taking anyone hiking. BUT, conveniently our house does border the desert....and even more conveniently, Brian was arriving home at JUST the same moment we were. SCORE! 

So....we threw on some shoes, grabbed some water bottles and declared that we were going for "a hike." {wink, wink} 

 For them, it was a "hike", an opportunity to explore all the wonders of the desert. For me, it was a chance to explore the wonders of a camera I'm still figuring out.   :)

Brotherly love.  

Sticking close to daddy...

This was Ethan standing close to safety as they spied some desert critter in the bushes. 

Somebody spotted a rabbit! 

Brian is trying to point him out to everyone....He's just above the bar, to the immediate right of the dark green bush on the left side of the screen. Can you see him? 

 Can you see him now? 

How bout now? 

And sometimes in nature....well, 
Nature calls.  :)

Leave it to dad to teach the kids about the beauty, the wonder and the potential danger of a giant, massive barrel cactus.

"If you want to touch it, you have to be very, very careful or you might prick your finger." 

Hmm...looks like someone should've taken his own advice. :)
Seriously. This thing is gigantic. 

 Look at them...they're all mine.  

And then there's this sweetness...once it a while, amongst the screaming, fighting, hair-pulling and kicking, it appears...

Genuine, unsolicited love. 

Seriously. Melt my heart why don't ya? A hand on the back? Hand in hand? 

OMG. I love these little people

 That's my girl. Afraid to leave mommy too far behind. 
"C'mon mommy!" she beckons. 
 What? Is this not proper 'hiking' attire? 
 And I'll leave you with the races. Little people running cracks me up. And darn if they're not cute when they get along. 

 Check out that little calf muscle. 
He gets that from me.  {smile}
 And that concludes our afternoon "hike."

4 days down. 26 to go.  :) 

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