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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Part Deux

I'll begin our Halloween Part Two with a picture of Colton's pumpkin. 
Yeah. It SO looks like a butt, doesn't it? 
Such appropriate pumpkin humor for this family. 

Anyhoodle. After my rather bold declaration from a few days ago regarding my 'hate' for Halloween, I realized that much of Halloween I actually do enjoy...the pumpkin patch...pumpkin carving...or pumpkin stickering....candy...and even decorating. So it's pretty much just the dressing up and running around begging for candy that I'm not into.  
 Either way, I SO even decorated my front window for the occasion. Cuz I wanted my babies to remember someday that their mom was in fact, cool.  

Got a new doormat...

 And I even made spiderwebs WITH spiders for the front window. 
Well, I didn't actually 'make' the web. I bought them at Target, but once I realized you couldn't see a black web in front of a brown sheer curtain, I had to add white puffy paint to make them stand out.  :) 
And a jack-o-lantern to boot.  

 That's right. Go me. 

So for the past 3 years, we've gone to a Halloween/Harvest Festival at a nearby church. Our favorite part is waiting to see what 'costume' my dad (their 'Ponka') will show up wearing. The year they were the Three Little Pigs, he was the Big Bad Wolf. Last year, they were spiders, (random, I know) and he wore some generally creepy mask. This year, they were Super Heroes 

and he was....

Such a goofball. And the kids LOVED it when they saw him coming down the sidewalk! 

Genise and Ponka

Look at all those Super Heroes! 

And the wee bumble bee! 

Genise, Brinley and Super Ponka

Auntie Valerie (or more correctly, 'Auntie Balerie)
And Uncle Jim

Our makeshift dinner tables, eating the traditional $1 hotdogs, chip and lemonade meals! 

The kids were excited to see their friends Brody (the pirate) and Delaney (the Cinderella) show up! 
The girls...Delaney just turned 5 a few days prior and that bumble bee costume was once hers. We bought it at the Cracker Barrel on our way to the NKOTB concert where I was doing progesterone shots!! What memories! 

They sure do love their Auntie!

And there were sheep to pet! 

Bobbing for apples...who knew Brinley would go ape shit (excuse my language) for this game. She would have dove right in had Ponka not had a death grip on her! It was hilarious! 

The whole night, all the kids wanted to do was go into the big jumping castles and jumping slides. Well, most of them were for bigger kids, but we managed to work our way into a castle for little kids. They are very adept on the trampoline so these types of things elicit no fear from my kids. Surprisingly however, there was none from little Brinley either! Let's just say, girl can hold her own! She was tossed around that thing like a popcorn kernel and she never cried once! 

And that brings to a close another Halloween....{Whew!} I have 365 more days to get revved up for this holiday again.  Happy Halloween friends! 

1 comment:

Anabelle said...

So I was going to comment on your decorations, but Super Ponka???? I almost peed my pants! All this time I thought you got your craftiness from your mom. I don't think Super Ponka can be beat.

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