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Friday, November 2, 2012

The ABC's of Colton

So, I didn't actually 'announce' it yesterday because, well, I wasn't sure I was actually going to even pull through on day one. But, I did. And now it's day 2. And so, I'll go ahead and put it out there. I'm attempting a blog-a-day. Again. :) Wish me luck.

So for some fresh new takes, I'm throwing in an ABCs of each kid....little known and sometimes greatly known facts about our Biggest Boy. Heeeerrrrree we go. Day.....2. {Sigh}


A- He's our Baby 'A'.

B-"Brinney Girl" (The name he calls his baby cousin, Brinley)

C- Chuckle Belly Laugh. He's got a great one.

D- Digs helicopters and airplanes ("hairpranes"). Loves that we live mere miles from an Air Force Base so he can watch jets fly all day.

E- Eyes as blue as blue can be. 

F- Fruit. He eats more fruit than anyone. Grapes, strawberries, apples, oranges, bananas, all of it.

G- Goes to Preschool 2 days a week and loves it. "Shunshine Preschool!" is his response any time we ask him what he did at school, how was his day, etc. The answer is always "Shunshine Preschool!"

H-Hardly moves at all once he falls asleep. Wakes up in almost the same spot I left him in.

I- "I wuv you." Instantly brightens my day when he says it. 

J- Jelly. As in hair gel.  :) "Ooh nice. You puttin da jelly in my hair?" hee hee...

K- Kindest heart. Biggest hugs. Gentlest soul.

L-Loves Cars...and CARS. As in "McQueen", & "Missile"

M-Manners. He has great ones. "Sorry", "Thank you", "No thank you." "I wuv you." Common phrases.

N- Naps. He's like his dad on this one. He appreciates a good nap, and has no problem sleeping in a room by himself.  In fact, I think he looks forward to it.

O- Octonauts. One of his most favorite cartoons. That, and "Doc McMuffins"

P- "Panana." As in, banana. As in, I want a "monkey panana" which means, "I want to eat a banana and peel it myself."

Q- Quarters, (and nickels, pennies and dimes.) He can identify each one and he LOVES them. Thanks to Jake and the Neverland Pirates however, he refers to them as "Treasures" and loves putting them in his bank.
R- Right side of the car. It's where he sits. Right side of their bedroom. It's where he sleeps. Right. It's what he thinks he is. Always.  :) 

S- School Bus Hunting is one of his favorite things to do while riding in the car. Especially when he's on his way to school. Well, that and "silly buses" aka "City buses."  :)

T-Train-Comma-Thomas. It's what his dad taught him to say when he realized that he was referring to 'Thomas the Train' as 'Train Thomas.' He told him that he at least should say, "Train-comma-Thomas." And so he does. Such dorks they both are.  I love em both.
U-Underwear. He thinks he needs to change them every time he goes to the bathroom. Whether they're wet or not.  :)

V-Very sensitive. Does not like to be told 'no.' By anyone. Feelings are hurt easily. He is hurt easily. Kind of a tiny hypochondriac).  Mostly he 'bumps his head' a lot. :)

W-Waits till the last minute (Okay, maybe just past the last minute) before he runs to the potty and realizes he's peed his pants. {Sigh}. He's got it. Then he lost it. Now he's getting it again....

X- eXtremely strongwilled.
Y-Yeeee-aaaa-uh. One of my absolute favorite Colton sayings.  :) His version of 'yes' or 'yeah'

Z- Zoo. It's a favorite place, what with all the "PeePocks" (peacocks), the "jeee-rafs", the "mingos"(flamingos) etc.

Colton Samuel  Bunch: 
Current Age: 3 years,  7 months
Height: 3 feet, 1, 1/4 inch
Weight: 30.6 lbs
Shoe Size: 8
Clothing Size: 3T

 Love you buddy...


Ponka said...

Beautiful, but I suggest that the "B" also stands for "Braveheart," the nickname we applied as he went through his surgeries and post-op recoveries. Love you.

Abbey said...

Cute post and even cuter.... the little boy featured! So sweet!

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