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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super Heroes and a *somewhat tiny* Rant....

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I  despise, hate, strongly dislike Halloween. I'm pretty sure I liked it when I was a kid, and I DEFINITELY enjoyed the many little chocolatey rewards that were dumped and sorted on our living room floor promptly at evening's end. 

But as an adult, I've never so much cared for the holiday. (Okay, well I'll always love the candy). But if there's one thing I've learned more than anything else in my few years as a mother, it's that you make a crap-ton of sacrifices for your kids. 

Beginning with your sleep, 
Your clean house,
Your free time, 
Your favorite shows on the TV, 
Hot meals at restaurants, 
Restaurants at all, 
Frequent date nights, 
The ability to pee alone. 
Your freedom in general. 

And you sacrifice your dislike for certain holidays by putting on your big girl panties and joining the festivities because this holiday 'aint about you anymore. It's about them. And it's your job to start molding THEIR memories. 

So the littles decided they were going to be pirates this year. (Yes, even Hunter, as many of you have inquired.) In fact, it was she who spear-headed that movement. 

Well, in my blase attempt to 'will' away the holiday, I failed to find 3 pirate costumes, in the right sizes, in time for the festivities. But thank you Pinterest for the last minute idea to make homemade super hero costumes. (And by last minute, I AM talking less than 24 hours last minute.) The costumes looked easy enough to complete with a trip to Joann Fabrics and Walmart, so off we went.

**Side Note: If I ever tell you I want to go to Joann's with the kids and you're in my presence, just kick me. Slap me. Punch me. Whatever. Just don't let me go. We have bad juju there. 

I arrived before my sister so I was just strolling around Joann's picking out 3 different colors of fabric for capes. The kids were being less than stellar on this particular occasion. Not disruptive or anything, just grumpy- with each other. I had the boys in the cart and Hunter walking beside me. As we pulled up to the fabric counter to "pick a number" some nice looking woman sidled up to us and tried to make small talk about how 'someone was in a bad mood.'

Well,  Ethan was in no mood for idle chit chat, as he WAS feeling particularly grumpy. So, he shrieked at her. Like, really loudly. Think Velociraptor in Jurassic Park...

Now, I don't know about you, but when I'm in public, and someone else's child is obviously in a bad mood and is grumpy towards me, I let that child be, make some nice comment to the mother who is clearly embarrassed that her child just ripped a perfect stranger a new one, about how I understand and it's nothing to feel bad about. You know, the 'we all have bad days' comment. And then let well enough alone. 

This woman obviously did not share that philosophy.

No, no. She leaned in closer to him and said in a very condescending tone, "Oh my! Well that wasn't very nice, now was it?" 

You know what he said? He shrieked at her. Again. 

But lady still didn't take her cue to leave my child alone. 

Still in his face, she says, "Oh no. Little boy, don't you know what an inside voice is?"


Again he shrieks. Loudly. And begins to cry. 

**Rant Alert: Random lady, you know nothing about us. Did you miss the fact that I was alone in a store with 3 toddlers, first of all? I do not in fact need your help to raise my children or teach them social skills. They were grumpy when we arrived, yes, but they were not disruptive until you so boldly inserted yourself into my child's personal space. He is 3. He may be a child and he may be little but he is not stupid. Even HE recognized that you were patronizing him. Do you not understand that we live in a world where many children have special needs? He could have been Autistic, had a speech delay, a processing disorder, or any other number of disabilities that make it difficult to communicate like I assume you believe a  'normal, well-behaved child' should. OR, he could've just been in a bad mood. Which he's allowed to be. Cuz again, he's 3. Either way, I would appreciate you keeping your condescending, antagonistic tone to yourself and out of my toddler's world. I would've actually apologized to you for his behavior had you not continued to provoke him. But frankly, you asked for it. 
Sincerely, Mama Raptor

{I know what you're wondering. Did I say anything to her? The answer is, I did not. I was already feeling bad for the rest of the shoppers who were having to endure Ethan shrieking quite loudly, thanks to her. I was alone with three 3 year olds and as such, in no position to start a public fight. I opted to take the high road and keep my fuming mad opinions to myself. I grabbed Hunter's hand, wheeled my cart around so abruptly that I may have even caught her mid-rant, and we left the store. Put back all my fabric and walked out. But don't worry, the look I gave her? Pretty sure it spoke louder than any words I might've said.  :)}

We had a time-out on the front sidewalk, (all 4 of us) and then we went back in, just as Mary and Brinley were arriving. We got us some felt, some sequins and some elastic! We did our best to make the trio believe they WANTED to be Super Heroes (Ethan wasn't buying it.) 

The result? 

It's a bird...It's a plane....No. It's the SUPER BUNCHKINS! 
(See? He really wanted to be a pirate, I guess....) 

I'm sorry, but they are so darn funny looking, they're adorable. In their mother's eyes anyway.  :) 

Despite his initial resistance, Ethan WAS the first to run across the yard in his Super Hero cape and costume. His lightning bolt  shoes made him EXTRA fast, you know. 

And then there's Colton. I mean, SUUUUUuuuuuper Colton! 
They're kind of obsessed with the cartoon, 'Super Why' right now, so he was extra excited about the mask.)

Out to the front yard they go! 

They wanted to fly off the boulder in our front yard. 
And then they wanted to fly off the 8 inch curb. 

Not too shabby, Super Hunter! 

She'll save the world someday. 

We headed back to Reid Park Zoo for their annual 'Howl-o-ween"....less boo, more zoo.  :)
And while we were there, we were met by the cutest little bumble bee ever...my niece, Brinley. 

All I can think of is, "Joey Tribiani does NOT share food." 

Never mind #21 and his wife, but here's my littleish family. 

And my brother-in-law, sister and niece. 
The littles and I

They were SO excited when they actually started collecting candy! 

Hee hee...reminded me of my kids. In a weird, morbid, crazy kinda way. 
Posing with the princesses
"Uncle Brian and Brinley" 

My mom, Brinley and Al


Big Superheroes and little superheroes

Dancing with the cows. 

Even Superheroes need to take a rest. 

Mom and Al and the littles.

Hunter and Mommy

To the RESCUE! 

And one last attempt to fly...
Halloween Part 1...

Good night friends, and Happy November.  :)


Michelle said...

Those costumes are so stinking cute! I'm jealous I didnt think of them myself! :) Oh and I compelely sympathize with you with having three kids out in public. Now, yes, mine aren't all toddlers, BUT they still can make quite a scene and I've delt with my share of people trying to tell you how to parent. Let's just say I wasn't as polite as you! :) Glad the Bunchkins had fun trick or treating!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Seriously, how about Super Mom?! Way to go on the quick-thinking costume idea. Re: your note about the lady at the store. It really does amaze me why people feel so compelled to say something, anything, just to have said it. I guess it has something to do with everyone's desire to connect an empathize, if they feel you need to be empathized with. But, c'mon. Just keep some of your comments to yourself random people in the store. Take your slightly too long glance at my kids and move on with your business. Ami, I'm sure you handled it as appropriately as anyone could have. By the way, I'm guessing Hunter saves the world someday, too :)

Ponka said...

Four super kids. Out. Love you.

Lindy said...

Love their costumes!! They look adorable!!

Abbey said...

Seriously adorable!! I love that Hunter dressed like a super hero too. Their poses are too much! And as for that lady....some people really go above and beyond to be so rude! Sometimes I think giving a good momma bear look says way more than any words could!:)

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