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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Conversations in the Rest Room

It's Thanksgiving Eve, and there are preparations to be done.

Thus, tonight's blog has to be short and sweet.

Tonight, on our family outing to Target, we made our first pit stop in the restrooms. Hunter and I into the Women's room, and Brian and the boys into the Men's room.


In true Brian fashion, he directed everyone into the large, handicap stall, backs to the wall, "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING."

(And don't worry, I received explicit permission to share this story.)

One at a time, the little boys went pee.

Then daddy had to go pee too. And that conversation goes like this:

{Brian, facing the toilet, begins the unzipping process}

Colton: "Daddy, you gotta take out your PENI$?"

Brian: {Chuckling, of course} Um, yes? That's typically how it's done."

{Brian proceeds to pee.}

Ethan: "Whoa! It's like it's RAINING!"

Colton: "It's like a WATERFALL!"

And there you have it.


Meanwhile, in the ladies room, our conversation goes like this:

Hunter: "Mom, I'm the best pee-pee-er of all of us.""Mom?  I went peepee at Grammy's house. But I didn't go peepee in my pants. Do you need to go peepee?

Me: "Yes, Hunter. You are a good pee-pee-er. And no, I went pee at home."

{Finishes peeing}

Hunter: I'm all done. Does this toilet flush itself or do we need to do it? You memember when the toilet flushed all by itself and it sprinkled my butt?

Me: {laughing at how much she talks.} Yes, I remember and yes, we need to flush it.

Hunter: Okay, does this handle have germs all over it?

Me: Yes, yes, it does, in fact.

Hunter: So we should use our feet, right mom?

Me: {Smiling at her observance} Yes we sure should.

Hunter: {Flushes the toilet.} So, should we wash our hands with soap now? And then dry them with a paper towel?

Me: "Lead the way, little one."

Hunter: "Okay, mom."

Enjoying a 'Little Boy Coffee' which looks surprisingly like hot chocolate, while Daddy enjoys his Big Boy Coffee.  :) 


Anabelle said...

LMAO!!!! The boys don't need to talk much when they have gems like that!

Anonymous said...

Oh no. You're one of those people who spread germs from the floor onto the handle!

Mary said...

WOW! I had to stop reading a couple times during that post...laughing so hard!

That is a story that will not be forgotten Brian!

Sarah said...

oh dear that was hilarious!!! love it!! :)

Lynn Fern said...

Sounds a bit familiar! And, I am one of those feet flush the toilet kinda gals. I just can't bare to touch the handle! Both my girls giggle when I do it :)
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ponka said...

This funny, entertaining post just adds another item to the mountain of things for which I am already thankful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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