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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fine. I take it back.

It was as though the universe was mad at me today for stating so matter-of-factly yesterday that Ethan usually fights with Hunter. (I mean, they DO, but still.) Ever since I picked them up from my mom's today, they have gotten along like little saint-like people. I recorded some conversations between the two of them in car that were so flippin hilarious and so ANYTHING but fighting. 

Then I came home and tried to find some inspiration for this blog (tonight is the first night, in 20 nights by the way, that I was actually kind of stumped for material.) So I perused old photos and landed on these little numbers that I never shared. Sorry for the poor quality. I recall this day vividly. Looking out into the backyard from the window inside, seeing these two lovin' on each other, I grabbed the camera and just started clicking. (Failing to check on ANY settings. Oops.) Anyhoo, I black and whited them because it looks a smidge better than the original.  :) 

Go ahead and say what you're thinking..."Awww." 
 I think she's saying, "Oh Ethan, I'm your big sister. You should do whatever I say."
 "Oh Hunter, I love you. Thanks for being born first so I could be the baby." 
 "Oh! No problem buddy."
 "Let's kiss!" 

And now I'll leave with you with this video of Hunter. (I know this month's blogs have been very Hunter heavy, but it's because she so much more vocal right now. I know the boys time will come.) 

Anyhoo, remember how I said she sings? A lot? Well she also has a flippin amazing memory. My mom plays kid songs in her car every day and apparently, Hunter pays attention to all the words! Tonight, I overhead her singing "Home on the Range." Scroll down and turn the music player off, then go ahead and take a listen.  It's pretty darn good! 

Finally, I'd like to point out how funny I think it is that Colton is referring to Hunter tonight as 
"Hunter Princess." You know, cuz she's wearing her princess dress. Silly boy. 


Michelle Thomas said...

I love it when they get along, mine are like that too, one minute they are fighting and the next they are holding hands on the swing set :) I know they'll always be best friends no matter what...THEY BETTER!! ;)

grammy russo said...

That's my little singing buddy Hunter. She forgot the hand movements, which are quite dramatic if I do say so. It is wonderful to hear her singing so openly. I tell her to sing La La La in the parts we don't know the words (or can hear them) but oh no, not Hunter she goes right along and sings.

Mary said...

That is ADORABLE! And those are some big words : ) What a smile she has...

Gebelik said...
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