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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bunchkins By the Numbers

The amount of time, in minutes, that passed between each child's birth

The number of surgeries Colton has had so far...
Bilateral Cleft Repair, age 3 months
Palatoplasty, age 14 months

The number of humans I grew AT ONCE! 

The number of embryos transferred in the IVF cycle that resulted in our miracles.

Average number of hours of sleep I get in one night. 

The number of people present in the room, when we conceived our babies!
Kinky, right? Hardly...
Me, Brian, Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, Embryologist

The number of weeks early, the babies were born

The days in a month the kids go to Preschool

The minimum number of kid underwear I don't leave home without. 
6 boy pairs
3 girl pairs

The average number of hours the kids sleep at night 

The hour in which the babies were born
Colton 11:40
Hunter 11:41
Ethan 11:42

The number of miles, one way, between our house and University Medical Center. 

The average number of times the kids need 'reminders' to GO TO SLEEP once they're up up in bed.  

The age my kids will be when I win the lottery. (A girl can dream, right?)

The number of inches long Hunter was at birth 


The number of times someone calls my name. In 5 minutes.  :) 

The number of letters in each kid's name

Ethan Bradley Bunch
Hunter Olivia Bunch 
Colton Samuel Bunch 

The number of TOTAL syllables in the kids' first, middle and last names

The number of weeks along in the pregnancy I was when we learned that Hunter Brian was really little lady, Hunter OLIVIA! Also when we learned of Colton's Cleft Lip and Palate.

The number of teeth Ethan and Hunter have. (Colton has 19)

The number of days Hunter and Ethan spent in the NICU

The approximate number of people in the delivery room when the babies were born

The date of their birth...3/23, my birth 4/23 and my Mom's birth 1/23

The number of Colton's crib bay in the NICU

The number of Hunter's crib bay in the NICU


The number of Ethan's crib bay in the NICU

Age I was when Brian and I got married

The number of days Colton spent in the NICU

The average number of pounds the kids weigh currently

Hunter: 28
Ethan: 30
Colton: 31
28+30+31=89 / 3 = 29

The number of toe nails I cut in a week.
the number of finger nails I cut in a week. 

The age I was when they were born


The number of weeks I carried the babies. 

The number of minutes that passed between the minute I began the walk down the hall into the Operating Room, to the time the babies were born. 


The Alexanders said...

This is SO awesome!!! For the past three years I have loved November because of your post a day :) Keep up the good work!

Spring said...

Love this!!! Might have to try it sometime :) Oh! & 2 of my 18 month olds weigh as much as you 3 year olds, crazy right???

Mary said...

That is a lot of math late at night...

was Brian 32 when they were born?

There should be one about the number of hours we ALL (and there were a lot of us) were anxiously awaiting the birth of the triplets. That was a LONG day...

Grammy Russo said...

142...number of hairs pulled out of my head waiting to hear about the birth of my grand triplets

Abbey said...

I love this post! I might have to take your idea!;)

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