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Monday, November 12, 2012

Do you see what I see?

Better yet, do you see what I DON'T see? 
If you said, dirt, dust bunnies, animal fur, toys, clothes, dishes, and general crap then you'd be right!! 

She apparently took some kind of vacation and failed to give me notice. 
Whatever. She came back today and if I may say so, she kicked a$$ and took names. 

Oh, and by the way..... my cleaning lady is ME!   :)


Oh, and I'd like to give my friend Nicole a HUGE shout out. If you don't know her, you NEED to. 

Go to her blog right now and check out her Shaklee Cleaning Line of Products. You have absolutely NO idea how great it is to clean for about 9 hours straight and not have inhaled a single cleaning fume. You don't realize how awful those cleaning fumes are until you get rid of them. Not to mention that the stuff works flippin awesome. Seriously. YOU NEED TO HAVE BASIC H and BASIC G. Like right now. Go. Follow the link. I have an actual review coming soon, but for now, just trust me. :)

Anyhoo, my reward for all my hard work is dinner cooked by the husband, movie night (Arthur...the Christmas movie) with my kids and hubby, complete with hot chocolate, eggnog and wine. (In which order, I haven't yet decided.) 

ALSO: Here's the "Scoop" (goop) recipe as told to me by our super-sitter, Niki. 
I'm sure there are several variations of this recipe, but here's what she did:

Bowl #1:
1 Cup Glue
1 Cup Water
A few drops food coloring or paint

Bowl #2
1 1/2 Cups Water
2 TBS Borax

Pour the glue mixture into the borax mixture. Knead in water, then remove and knead like dough. If it's still too sticky, put it back into the borax mixture and repeat.  :) 


Anabelle said...

Keep these pictures handy in case you ever decide to put your house up for sale! I'd buy it... as long as you came by to clean it every now and again :) oh and left all the furniture and decor.

Nicole said...

You are super amazing and your house looks gorgeous! So happy you aren't all high from the fumes:)

Mary said...

Wow looks good...did you get rid of kids too to get that done??

thechillydog said...

Wow! Your house looks like something out of a magazine. I'm a little bit jealous. My cleaning lady needs to get her act together ;)

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