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Monday, May 14, 2012

Whose filthy kids are these??

Well here we are again, half clothed and filthy- 
In my opinion, the sign of a good day.  :) 

 Anytime anyone leaves our house, the kids walk them out and then insist on playing in the front yard. And why wouldn't they? A long sidewalk for running on, a slanted driveway for racing, a wall for climbing, etc. That's a yard full of fun, right there!

 Filthy Ethan

Dirty Colton

Raggedy Hunter

 Well one thing's for sure. If the amount of fun one has is correlated to the amount of dirt on one's body, then my kids are like fun freaks!!

 I love these monkey feet. 

And I love these pictures of Piper. I was just noting the other day how few pictures I've taken of her lately. She deserves some photos for sure! Piper is the most amazing dog ever for these kids. She tolerates more than she should have to and is just so gentle even when the trio are not. 

Colton and Piper

 Hunter and Piper

Ethan and Piper

 Piper..."she's a good ol' girl," the kids will say. 

Finally, I can think of about a hundred good places to throw a tantrum. 
Lying face down in the rocks is NOT one of them. 
(Isn't that kind of like punishing yourself??)

Random pigeon feather. (This poor pigeon met its demise about a week ago, in the form of a 
'Massacre by Hawk' in our front yard). The feathers continue to blow around our yard. Because as if piegeons themselves aren't nuisance enough, their feathers littering your yard for a week after is just awesome. 

And on that note, it IS the season premiere of the Bachelorette and I must go watch! 

1 comment:

Mary said...

Piper...you are a great dog! Why can't you teach Rocco how to be so tolerant : )

And I love leaving your house just to see them say goodbye!

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