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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I lost count.

I can't even pretend to come up with something fabulous tonight. It was Ethan the other day, today it is Colton.

Throwing up.

And throwing up.

And throwing up.

No joke. I seriously lost count. Poor little buddy waited until I picked him up after work. He was  wandering around my mom's kitchen saying "I got sick."

My mom and I were both interpreting that to mean that he had already thrown up and we searched all the places he may have done so. When we found nothing, I asked him differently, "Colton, do you need to throw up? Do you need a bowl?"

And sure enough, the moment I put a bowl in front of him, he threw up.

Since then, it has continued every half hour or so. (Sometimes more.)

I tried to drive the 8 or so miles from my mom's to my house and I had to pull over 4 times to assist in the throwing up/cleaning up. FOUR TIMES!

Even my friend Anabelle and sister, Mary were assisting with the whole fiasco. They came over to do school work and ended up cleaning my kid or my floors. Thanks, girls. And each time it happened, poor little buddy would say, in the saddest voice, mind you, "I still sick." He went back and forth from curling up on the couch with his pillow and blanket and trying to play with his siblings and Jaxon. Pure torture for a sick little boy.

Now, I have to give Colton mad props. Everytime (but one), he was able to tell me it was coming so that we could find him his bowl. (Unlike his little-by-2-minutes brother who throws up wherever he happens to be standing. And he's so calm about it. God love him..

Alas, at 9:00 when I finally dared to put him in bed and hope that he would go to sleep....he threw up. I had trained Ethan and Hunter to stand at the gate in the doorway and YELL "Mommy, come quick! Colton's throwing up!" And two separate times, they did just that. So as soon as I'd hear them, I'd race up the stairs and get there to find throw up ALL OVER THE BED. Soo....lights on, sheets off, pillow cases off, new sheets on, new pillow cases on, you know the drill.

The second time, sweet little boy actually rolled over and stretched his little body so that he didn't spill a drop. He threw up all in his bowl. I'm sure hoping this is a 12 hour bug like Ethan's was because it's just awful to see your babies not feeling well.

So it's late. He's tired. I'm tired.

Good night friends. Sleep tight, Colton.

Why not reminisce? Look at those chubby cheeks!!


Anabelle said...

He is the best sick kid I've ever seen! Poor little guy. It's funny you posted a baby picture, because last night I'd look at him and think, "I can't believe how grown up he is." Sure enough he's become a boy.

BTW, Heidi would TOTALLY help clean up pukey floors right?

Mary said...

I couldn't believe how he would come and tell you each time before he was going to throw up. And he never cried or whined...just saying "I still sick." And then lay himself down on the couch on his own...poor baby!

I can't believe his cheeks!

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