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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Air Show

Brian and I used to go to the Air Shows out at Davis Monthan Air Force Base when we were solo adultos with no kiddosos. 

Then, we had kids and that freedom was over. 
So when the kids turned one, we took them with us. 

This year, they turned 3 and the Air Show, now called Thunder and Lighting over Arizona, (or something like that?) returned to DMAFB! We were so excited to bring the  kids out again. We live just a couple miles from the Air Force Base so our kids watch airplanes and jets and helicopters flying overhead ALL THE TIME and they love it!! 

The only thing that made this day one notch less than perfect was the FLIPPIN' WIND! It was atrocious! Probably more of a nuisance to us than the kids, but their little chilly bodies were practically blowing away! 

This was our first stop. I figured I'd better take a picture right inside the gates for fear it would only get worse! So here I am with my monkeys. 

 Brian's turn. Different plane. One less kid. 

 Not a spectacle at all. Nope. 

 As if planes and helicopters aren't cool enough, part of the fun for me and my kids is getting to see all the places their daddy works! This is one of the DPS SWAT trucks he works in.

This is the kids ON the SWAT Truck.

 And IN the SWAT Truck. 

 Peeking OUT of the SWAT Truck...Hunter



The DPS Helicopter (Brian doesn't personally work on this one)

 And the DPS motorcycles! Brian was a motor officer years ago. He used to work on these when we had just gotten married! I vividly remember hearing his motorcycle coming down the street! 

 Here we are waiting patiently for the Thunderbirds Show to begin

The Thunderbirds

After a fun filled afternoon, it was time to go home! I absolutely love this tradition we've started and I hope it continues for many years! 

( This is the view from our house! )


Just Jen said...

I would love to go to an air show sometime. I don't really know if there are any near me ever, though. I adore the pictures! Wind or not, the 'trips are adorable!

I have to add, I don't think I have ever seen a picture of the flag facing that direction before. Most are always waving to the right. I like it!

Abbey said...

What a fun experience for your kiddos and a great memory! A friend of ours just got us that same stroller. I'm hoping to be able to push it!:)

Nicole said...

Lovin the pictures friend and kudos to you for braving the weather:)

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