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Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Das Berry Naughty"

Dear Self, 

As much as you'd love to believe your children are rule abiding, good little humans who know the difference between right and wrong, they are not and they do not. 

They are three and they like to experiment with paint and crayons and markers. 
Yes, markers. 

Do us all a favor and don't leave your markers in the middle of the living room floor where they will find tem. Because if they can reach them, they will draw with them. And if they don't have paper, they WILL use your couch.

Next time, let's be a little smarter, eh?
Love, You



EXHIBITS C, D, E, F and G. 
Cuz why stop at one cushion where there are 5 more just like it??

You can bet I made him help clean it up. As we moved from cushion to cushion, scrubbing, he repeated the phrase, "Das berry, berry naughty, mommy." "Das so sad." 

So two lessons come to mind immediately:
1. Don't leave markers where your kids can find them.
2. If you buy new couches, HAVE THEM TREATED. I am constantly in awe of what has come out of this couch with nothing more than water on a rag....ballpoint pen, marker, red wine, lipstick, diaper creme, you name it. It comes out. 

Happy {Almost} Friday!! 


Mrs. Lofgren said...

I love the Exhibit A picture. I can almost hear Colton saying "But mommy...the couches were too plain before. Look at all the fun and colorful designs I've added! The markers and the couch were calling my name." :-)

Just Jen said...

Oh, Amie. Das berry naughty for you to erase his art work. Shame on you!! At least you got pictures! I am also very glad we got our couches treated. Water makes it so simple to clean up, eh?

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