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Friday, May 18, 2012

Relay for Life 2012

Can you tell where I am tonight? 
(I've got to post this fairly quickly because I'm approaching midnight! Yikes! And I'm not goin down now! I've made it 18 days and I'm going for all 31! So I need to type fast!

We're at Relay for Life-an awesome fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. 
We've been doing this for about 11 years now! It's crazy to think of how it has changed through the years, how we have changed, how LIFE has changed. 

Relay is a place to come together with so many others for a common cause. This year, it was to 

Still remembering our good friend, Kim Conca and so many others who've lost their battles with cancer, while celebrating those who survived. (Including one of my best friends, Anabelle, (below)

Even my niece, Brinley was remembering Kim.  :)

It's a fun place to bring the kids because they just play, play, play and run, run, run. I have to say, it really does always surprise me how much they actually enjoy running. Seriously. They would  run around the track all night if they could or at least until someone stopped them. Sorry for the shaky video, but I couldn't resist watching them run. Hilarious.  

I wish I had a picture of the luminaria celebration...it was beautiful tonight. The bags were lit with multicolored lights and it was a sight to behold. Simply gorgeous. 

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