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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Close Call on Mother's Day!

Whoa!! The day almost escaped me! To think how sad I would've been if I had missed a day of blogging this month! Nevertheless...do you see what has happened here? I used to be ahead of the game. I did a blog the night before I was due, so that you could wake up and see the day's blog.

Now I'm behind and I won't be able to post tomorrow's blog until later in the day...I'll do my best to get caught up again.


It's Mother's Day. And I'm a mom. Yeppers. I hatched 3 people in 3 minutes. I wore my 'Triplet Mama' tank top today in their honor.  A fellow blogger posed this question on her blog the other day, "When did you first FEEL like a mother?"

That question is hard to answer, because the truth is I felt like a mother the moment we say 3 heartbeats flicker on that ultrasound screen. Mostly because for the next 7 and a half months, my sole mission, my life's purpose was to keep those babies safe and growing. Isn't that a mother's job?

However, that moment aside, I think the first time I felt the truest responsibility as a mother came the days I brought my babies home, without any nurses or any doctors. Just us. Those days, April 13, 2009 and again April 20, 2009 are definitely important days in my 'mom book.'

And look how little they were...
Hunter was 3 lb 8 oz when she came home!! HOLY COW! Someone basically trusted me to take home a baby doll!!

And then my little Colton came home a week later, and my family was complete. 
From that moment forward, the most important job I would ever have was being a mom. 

Soo..The hubs got me this card today.
He knows me well.

But they're not so sweet and little anymore. They bickered and fought like usual today.

But it doesn't even matter. Because the moments that made my day came with a random outreached little Ethan hand, saying,


"Yes, Ethan?"

"I so happy."

Seriously. It's like someone paid him to say that to me on Mother's Day.

And just before they went to bed I let them play some games on my phone and there was sharing, and caring and cheering and celebrating and all was right with the world. There were things like, "Good job, Boys" and "That's okay, you can do it",  "Take your time",   "It's your turn" and "Hooray!" being uttered from their little mouths as all three of them huddled around it together, playing in perfect harmony. No joke.

I kept wanting to reach for the video, but then realized they HAD my camera which IS my video. Aargh. So I took a mental picture, and said a little 'thank you' prayer for bringing these three little people into my life.

And today, on Mother's Day, I want to thank ALL the moms in my life who have influenced me in any way-Brian's mom, my grandmas, my aunts, my sister, and my mom friends,  And particularly my own mom who continues to give of herself every day to make our lives easier. If I can't be home to raise my own babies, I'm glad they get to learn from and be loved by her. Thank you, Mom for always being there. You truly are amazing and I love you dearly.

Happy Mother's Day everyone.
Whether you're a mom to a baby here on earth or an angel baby, this day is for you.

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Multiples Mom said...

That is a cute story. Happy belated Mother's Day. It is Multiples Monday. I'd love to have you back. Please link up when you get the chance.

: 0 ) Theresa

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