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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A dance with Dad and sharing the vote!

I've already started a different post for tonight, but it requires coherent thoughts to make it make sense. And it's 11:34 pm after a long day of work and meetings and for the life of me, I can't find the words to make a single coherent thought. As such, I'm 'saving' that post and will attempt it tomorrow. 

Tonight I thought I'd share these sweet photos of Brian and Hunter dancing. 
We were outside playing one evening and Taylor Swift's 'OURS' came on, and Brian asked Hunter if she would dance with him. 

Oh dear, they were so sweet. I actually had tears in my eyes because I swear to you, I flashed forward to her wedding in my mind. So enjoy these sweet photos. 

 I heart this photo....

Now let's talk about the vote. The contest. Here's the deal- last year, we won FIRST PLACE! This year, I can't take the stress of trying to rally the vote again, so I haven't really been promoting it much. Sure, it's nice to be in the top 5 and I'm happy and honored to have the votes we've been getting. So thank you so much if you've voted.

That said, the quad moms are trying to take over the vote. (Never mind that I'm very sure those 'quad moms' are terribly nice people in real life.) Nevertheless, being a triplet mom, I'm not having any of that.

So here's what I propose. I think you should all take a peek at 'The Great Umbrella Heist' (a blog I've followed and read for at least 2 and a half to 3 years now. It's about identical triplet girls one of whom has Spina Bifida. They are stinkin adorable. Since I don't have the energy to pursue the votes, I'm asking you to vote for me if you feel so inclined AND vote for my fellow Triplet Mom. (You can vote for different blogs in a 24 hour period, you just can't vote for the same blog twice in a 24 hour period. )

So let's help her regain the lead. Vote for my blog if you like it AND vote for 'The Great Umbrella Heist!" Go Team Triplets!! ;) 


Charlotte Hoffner said...

Oh my! I could see why you got teary eyed! Love the pics....soooo sweet!!

Adam and Samantha said...

She looks so much like you in those pics, so cute!!

Spring said...

Such sweet photos of daddy & daughter. I am also trying to rally votes... we are way down at #23, but I would be honored just to be in the top 25. I've been voting for you & reading "The Great Umbrella Heist." I've now added them to my daily voting & agree... "Go Team Triplets!!!" {My blog is "30 fingers, 30 toes" (not 30 fingers & toes) if you are so inclined to vote for us too :o)}

Julie S. said...

O.k. now I have tears too!! The stuff the good life is made of! " I hope you dance..."

Ami said...

Spring, I'll definitely vote for you as well!! Thanks for reading and voting! Your trio is so sweet!!

Nicole said...

Super duper sweet:)

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