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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Monday Night Mish-Mash

Oops. I had all intentions of including these photos with my Cinco de Bye-O post a few days ago, along with something clever about how this is the only bar we frequented this year. But I forgot! So now it feels a little awkward to just post random photos of my kids eating at the bar in Target. {Sigh..}

They are SO perfecting the art of people watching. 

" You have three babies-In a bar!" 
(Don't know why this comes to mind.)

Moving on through the sea of randomness. 

If you enjoyed the wrestling match video from yesterday, then you may enjoy this one as well. 
I should point out that this video was actually filmed the same day as the wrestling match, hence the second video of my kids in their underwear. 

It just cracks me up when they make up ridiculous games. But they did. Ethan was banging his hands on the table, causing the other two to follow suit. Then all of a sudden, Ethan would throw his hands up and say "Aaaaaaah", followed by #s 2 and 3. 

I watched them play about 8 rounds before I decided to get the camera, so this is a 'tired' version of their game. Either way, I find them hysterical and I hope they never tire of playing together. 

Remember how awesome I was telling you my mom is? Today she decided to take all 4 kids to the park by my house. Alone. She's a trooper all right. 

So she got them all dressed and ready, and prepared to load them into the car when Hunter announced that she needed to get her purse. (This is totally normal for her.) So she went in to the playroom to find her purse followed by frick and frack. When they emerged, THIS is how they ALL looked. 
All three wearing hats and purses. 

This may end up in a wedding slideshow someday. 
What's funniest to me is that Ethan has chosen a too small, plastic version of a Bob the Builder hat that is sure to provide him absolutely NO relief from the sun. 
But it does go nicely with his pink suede purse, doesn't it? 

 Having fun at the park with cousin Brinley. 

And we'll stop tonight with my newest addiction, Draw Something. I'm new to the iphone, so I'm sure you've all been playing this forever. Me, for about one week. My good friend Niki got me started and now I'm totally hooked. My skills are weak, but my intentions are good. 

In my head, my drawings always look amazing. 
On the phone....well, maybe not so much. 

Here is just one of my pathetic drawings. Sorry Charlotte/Dale.  
So if I fail at this blog a day, it might be because I'm too busy drawing. Thanks Niki for getting me hooked. 

And finally, today's vocabulary lesson:
Words I heard in use today. 

Cactus: "Captus" (Hunter)
Waffles: "Wapples" (Colton)
Gymnastics: "Jumpingnastics" (Hunter)
Macaroni and Cheese: "Raconi Cheese" (Colton)
Trampoline: "Jumpoline" (Ethan)

1 comment:

Julie said...

Ami, your mom IS awesome!! And I agree with Ethan it should be " jumpoline "

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