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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Conversations from the car...

The car is one of my favorite places to just sit and listen to the conversations the kids have with one another. Honestly, they say the absolute funniest things to one another and I can totally smile and laugh silently to myself since I am facing forward and they can't see me grinning from ear to ear.

Today, Hunter was full of it.

Holding her 'baby' she talked to her for much of our ride.
"Baby, it's okay. You want to brush your teeth? We gotta brush your teeth because they're very, very BIG@ {Please note that 'baby' in fact has NO teeth.}  :)

Colton typically sits in the back and calls out all my turns and stoplights.

"Turn RIGHT mom!"
"Turn LEFT!"
"Green means go! Red means stop. Yellow slow down....

But one of my favorite conversations happened today.

Hunter hits Ethan and Ethan starts crying.
I say to Ethan, "You're Okay buddy."
Hunter then tries to console Ethan using the following suggestions....

"There, there, Ethan. Take a breathe. Take a breathe."
It's okay buddy, just use your words."

These kids crack me up! 

1 comment:

Anabelle said...

The car is one of my favorite places to chit chat with Jaxon. We have had some very deep and meaningful conversations while driving. Can't wait to listen to him & Reese though.

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