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Friday, May 11, 2012

Games in Bunchkin Land

This clip is of another game I stumbled upon and helped myself to. I don't know which one comes up with these games but I just adore how they do ANYthing nice together. This one involved us dragging their old crib quilts to the backyard and pretending to be babies sleeping in their cribs. Then someone randomly "WAKES UP!" and in usual fashion, the others follow suit. In this clip, I play the part of the rooster.  ;)

*Other highlights from the day include the 3 different 'choice phrases' that the kids repeated immediately after they left THEIR DAD'S mouth. He's battin' a thousand. He's lucky that my good friends and/or sister and I will be my kids' kindergarten teachers because the Parent Teacher Conferences might be slightly less awkward for him when we have to explain to him that his children are cussing in class.

*Another high point was the sweet, almost endearing way the Bunchkins have learned to beg. It goes something like this. "Mama, you bow up dis bayoon for me?" "Nope. Not right now. Mama doesn't feel like blowing up balloons." Enter Baby Begging: "PWeeease? Pweease mama?" Pweeeease?"

*Another game created out in the front yard while saying goodbye to 'Aunt Mary.' Two kids wait at the top of the driveway. The other runs from the bottom of the driveway to the top, where the others are. Everyone hugs and says, "Nice to meet ya! Nice to meet ya! Nice to meet ya!" Then a different one runs to the bottom and the process starts over.

And that's all I've got for tonight. Grey's Anatomy is calling my name.  :)


Jeremy DeBauche said...

It's so cool how much fun they have playing together. Btw, you make a great rooster!

Mary said...

They sure are in their underwear a lot : )

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