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Monday, October 3, 2011


"I cooook mama? Mama, I hep you coook?" (the extra 'o's are not a mistake.) "I see up there?" (Translation: please get my stepstool for me, Mama.) What can I say? Girl loves to help in the kitchen. Usually it's with me, but sometimes, she manages to woo her daddy into baking cupcakes with her. Such was the case a few weeks ago.

Lately, you see, she's been a busy little baker in her fake kitchen and has been forcing all of us to enjoy the most deliciously plastic cupcakes you've ever chipped your teeth on. Well, in a stroke of good timing, I had just made Brian read an article called '50 Rules for Dads with Daughters' which left him feeling extra sentimental. What came of it was an offer to his only little girl to make cupcakes with her daddy. With pink frosting and sprinkles and everything. JUST like her plastic ones. 

"Hunter? Do you want to help daddy make cupcakes?" he asked her.


What followed was one of the most heartwarming gestures I've seen in a long time. I remained completely absent from this process, (other than just taking the photos) so that the two of them could do what they do! 

Here's my little baker with almost all her needed ingredients. 

Step One: Read the Directions. (The teacher in me likes how he's tracking the print with his finger.) 
Next up, pour in the oil. 
Now add the mix. (After you cut it open, of course)
Never mind Colton...he was trying on (putting away perhaps?) my shoes. 
Unhappy that her brother is trying to get in on HER fun baking adventure. 

Let him lick the batter and he'll be out of your hair. 

I'm sure they make these warnings for a reason.

But that doesn't mean we have to listen. :)

Okay, well photos and THIS was my involvement. 

Taking em out of the oven! 

Can only mean one thing....TIME TO DECORATE! 

Pink frosting, just like the plastic cupcakes. 

And sprinkles just like the plastic ones. 

I think my favorite part of this video is at the end, when Brian's cell phone rings and Hunter starts dancing to the beat. 

The four cupcakes at the bottom of the picture are her plastic ones. 

The test audience (he approved.)

And so did she. 
Even the next morning! 

Good times. Further more. Girl calls 'em "Up Cakes." 
Is there anything cuter? 

*Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on the sleep situation as well as photos of their room redo almost complete!! Woo hoo! Things hanging on the wall = a happy me. 


Jeremy DeBauche said...

Wow, does Hunter look like you or what? I took your lead and did a search for the article you told Brian to read. It's very sweet and full of good things to remember, so I bookmarked it in case I get busy and need a reminder of what's really important. I can't wait 'til my girls get big enough for stuff like this. By the way, I can't get your video to work.

"Ponka" said...

I second Jeremy's observation; can't get over how much Hunter looks like you. Lucky her. Love you.

Mary said...

Good job brian! I love how serious she looks...so adorable

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