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Monday, September 26, 2011

Madam Foreperson, the verdict please....

They slept. 
The whole night. 
No one fell out. 
No one woke up.

But not until they had logged a good hour an a half of jumping time first.
And not until they'd each tried out each bed. 
And not until they'd been Super-nannied by Brian and me 8 times each.
And not until they made their final bed selections. 

Let the evidence show that not one Bunchkin slept in his or her own bed. 
(Follow the arrow from each child's intended bed to the bed he or she in fact slept in.) 
Good times. 

However, let's fast forward to nap time today. While I grocery shopped, I received a text from my sister, Mary who was kindly watching the trio. Keep in mind that I had said I'd come home from shopping and put them down for naps so that she wouldn't have to do the "Supernanny" bit on them herself while trying to still pay attention to her 4 week old.  

The text said, "6 eyes closed...Hunter asked to take a nap and they followed. Stayed in for about 10 minutes." 

That meant that she had stayed with them for about 10 minutes, and that was all it took. They stayed in their beds, they snuggled under their comforters and closed their eyes and slept. 


**Sidenote: I got three 16x20 poster frames today for a smokin' deal at Michael's. (Pretty sure the lady at the checkout was ready to give them to me for free if I would just take the screaming trio OUT of the store, but that's just our life. Nothing a 39 lollipop can't fix.)  Nevertheless, they (the frames, not the kids) are currently propped on each headboard with each child's photo in them, so I could, you know, get 'the feel' for how they will look above each bed. And yeah, I pretty much LOVE IT! If I know me and my impatience, they'll be hanging on the walls tomorrow. Which leaves mod-podging their names for my next project. I love being on break.  
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