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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bugs & Bedrooms (but not together) :)

I guess I really shouldn't be and yet, I am. Surprised, that is. At how little fear kids have when it comes to bugs and lizards, etc. But then again, why WOULD they be afraid? 
They haven't lived long enough to know that sometimes bugs are creepy.

I supposed when you're 2 and half a bug is no different than a wind up toy. 
It moves. 
And THAT makes it fun.  

For the record, bugs don't really freak me out. (Unless it's a cockroach.) I mean, I live in the desert. I'm used to a variety of creepy critters and still catch scorpions and spiders and release them back to the desert as opposed to killing them. 

But when you're in a zone, washing dishes and your daughter hands you something which you fully expect to be a hairband or a penny or a piece of trash and it's actually a bug, you do that whole 
shreak-and-flail-your-arms-flinging-that-bug-wildly act.

And then you realize it was just a June Bug. 
And it was dead. 
And now your daughter thinks you're crazy. 

So I'm getting used to this whole 'bring mommy treasures' act and I'm just cautious about which gifts I accept. I at least look first.  :) 

The other week, my dad, "Ponka" as they call him was visiting. He witnessed the kids' fascination with  this poor little June Bug who sadly met his demise at Casa de Bunch. 

I don't think they meant to kill him, but little hands are kinda rough on littler bugs. (So 6 little hands are pretty much torture.) They checked him out up close and took turns picking him up, putting him down, turning him over, turning him back. 

And Aunt Kristen had given the kids each a mini flashlight the week before. Aunt Kristen is a genius. You have a two year old you need to get a gift for? I'm just saying, go for it. Get him a flashlight. They use them everywhere. They take them everywhere. They are perfect for examining bugs.  

Here they are examining their victim. 
Ponka is doing his best to prevent unnecessary torture to the bug. 

I'm sorry, little bug. I really am. 

But you're just...so...


Moving on now, I have finished the 'main chunk' of the kids' bedroom makeover. 
So far, mama likey! 
Thank you Ponka and Genise for our new beds! 
The kids absolutely love that they now have 'ownership' over their beds, and yet every single night Hunter gets upset when I refuse to take her letters down. Sigh....

The adjacent wall (to the right of Colton's bed in this photo) will eventually become some version of  this ABC wall, which I  found on Pinterest, but originally came from here:

But this will come in time....for now, I'm just loving that they are loving their new room. 

And sleeping has become almost normal once again. Like I had mentioned, it was almost always Ethan who refused to stay in his bed. But with the assistance of my sister's video monitor, I am able to use the intercom feature to quietly say, "Ethan Bradley, get in your bed and go to sleep." And now, for the most part, he stays. Their 'time off task' has decreased tremendously and they more or less fall asleep within about 45 minutes or so. 

All in all, I am one happy mom! They still sleep late (8-8:30 ish) and they go up to their beds at the same time they did when they were in cribs (8:30 ish).  I cannot complain! 

So there you have it!
Next up, pictures of my organization frenzy! 


Anabelle said...

I think your kids are fearless. Jaxon is a bit of a wienie when it comes to bugs, and I'm not even afraid of them either! He WOULD never bring me a dead June Bug. I guess Hunter will be the designated bug catcher in that marriage. :)

Abbey said...

I love their curiosity and how it is captured in those sweet pictures! Also, their room looks great...I love the ABC wall idea too!

Kim said...

GREAT bug story!!! And the bambini and I love how you decorated the triplets room! Dave

Nicole said...

Looks awesome! Can't wait to come over and see it in person:)

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Your kids look like they're having so much fun. It's so cool to get a glimpse of their shared curiosity. Their room looks great by the way!

We just put up our video monitor with two-way voice capabilities. I had a little fun practicing my "powerful voice from afar" routine for when our girls are misbehaving :)

Jaymee said...

Darn buggies! Make sure you teach them NOT to touch the "curly tails" (aka scorpions). Their room looks awesome! Melanie just shared that same Pinterest picture with me for my friend's baby shower. It is sooooo cute!!!

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