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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Blogoversary to Me

Who knew it was such a momentous day?

Perusing my own blog earlier today, I scrolled down and then abruptly back up. The little icon on my sidebar caught my attention. "Your Blogoversary is today" it so kindly reminded me! And how nice of my computer to remember me.  :)

Wow! 3 years ago today, I posted that first photo of the 3 black blobs who would become my Colton, my Hunter and my Ethan.  (Random Sidenote: In case you've ever questioned the equality of my love for my 3 babies because of the way I address them, fear not. I 'almost' always address them or refer to them in their birth order, which is Colton, Hunter and then Ethan.') Furthermore, when I lay clothes out for them or sippy cups, toothbrushes, etc., I do them in birth order as well. The only thing that's really not in order are the beds in their room, and yes, if you must know,  it bothers me to no end. The reason for the bed order is that it mimics the order they were in while in the NICU, and at the time, it made sense to us to keep it the same at home. Anyhoo. Just thought I'd add that in case anyone was afraid that I loved Ethan the least because I always list him last.  :)

Moving on. :)

It's so crazy to me to look back...first to a time when they were just blobs on a screen.
Then they became heartbeats on a screen.
Then they became 'A', 'B' and 'C' on a screen.
Then they became baby Boy, Boy and Boy on a screen.
Then they got names and became Colton, Ethan and Hunter on a screen.
But THEN, in a big twist of fate,  they became Boy, Boy and GIRL on a screen.
And yet they remained Colton, Ethan and (baby girl) Hunter on a screen.
And alas, they were born Colton, Hunter (who snuck out 2nd instead of 3rd) and then Ethan.
And NOW they are real live human beings who have changed my life forever.
They are my babies.
I growed them.  :)

And on this, my blogoversary, I just wanted to say "I LOVE MY LIFE!"
I love how perfectly imperfect it is.

I love that my hillbilly boys ride their quads in onesies in 90 degree heat, with winter hats on their heads.  

And I love my sassy little girl who is, well, an awful lot like her sassy mother.  

And I love this guy! I love that he's totally rockin the triplet dad thang.  

So there. Happy Blogoversary to me! 
Life is good! 


Lawson and Ians Mum said...

Your photos show just how much fun life is in the Bunch household!

Mrs. Lofgren said...

Happy Blogoversary to you! I've loved being a part of your journey via your amazing stories!!! I can't wait to read about the next 3 years with the Bunchkins!

P.S. I'd love to do a play-date next week! :) Just let me know when and where...Andy and I will be there!!!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Congratulations on three adventure-filled years in the blogosphere! I'm not sure if you've given any thought to how long you'll want to keep your blog going, but I really hope you keep sharing and allow us to watch your babies grow!

Joelee said...

I also almost always refer to my kiddos in birth order - it is automatically how I think of them. Congrats on your three years - here's to many more!
(PS - I love reading about all three of your babes, but I especially love reading about Hunter. She reminds me so much of my Ellery!) :)

Anabelle said...

Happy Blogaversary! This means that mine is not to far away, whatever you do I have to do too! (Except the multiple thing, you are WAAAAY better at that than I could ever be!)

PS the winter hats in 90 degree weather is classic!

Adam and Samantha said...

Love the winter hats and summer PJ's, awesome!

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