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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is she coming??

This is a token Hunter Phrase, which I'm taking the liberty of borrowing tonight....
"Is she coming?"

My Auntie Days are coming soon...
Almost time to meet my niece, Brinley and
My kids have 2 of the best aunties in the world and it's a role I am so looking forward to!
And besides, that belly is as big as my triplet belly was and I think maybe even an inch or two bigger? Get that girl outa there!

She'll be 101 in less than a month and I love that my kids know her. I LOVE that Ethan walks out of the house, stops, turns around, waves and LOUDLY proclaims, "bu-BYE Gigi! bu-BYE! bu-BYE Gigi". Is she not the cutest little grandma ever? My sister's Baby will be her 19th GREAT Grandchild , (Her 18th was just born a week ago) and I know Mary is thrilled that she will also get to know and love her little girl.
And despite the heat, we decided to play outside today after work. We climbed trees...
We climbed cars....
(I'm sorry...but I really AM that mom. The one who lets her kid stand on top of car.)
C'mon, see how close I was to her?? She was totally safe.

And when the heat was too much, we decided to come inside. Hunter is helping Gigi into the house. Seriously little girl? You can be the sweetest thing ever.

And after big days like that, all little boys and girls must go to bed.
(Actually my mom sent me this picture today of King Colton napping in his big boy bed at her house. Yes, it's a queen sized bed and a pint sized boy.
Love it!


Charlotte Hoffner said...

Love this! Mary looks so great! I can't wait to meet Brinley (Alyse)! What special memories with your grandma! Good thing she has Hunter around to help her get where she needs to go safely!!

Mary said...

I ask myself "Is she coming" everyday! I can't wait for them to meet Brinley...I'm sure they will be a little confused as they know Brinley is in my tummy right now : )

Colton couldn't look any more cozy...where's my bed mom?

Kim said...

Wow Ami, great blog!! Mary looks great! And your Grandma is incredible!! Enjoyed reading this one!! Dave

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