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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ToTWOlly Random Tuesday!

I am so brain dead tonight that I have been sitting here pondering possible topics for no less than 43 minutes. In defeat, I decided that I would try something new. I'd close my eyes, blindly scroll through my i-photos and randomly stop on 2 different photos, upload them and write about them somehow or at least let them inspire a thought...

So here we are at ToTWOlly Random Tuesday.

It would figure that of the one MILLION photos I have of my kids, I would stop on two photos that have nothing human about them.

Well, okay, I take that back. This first one is SORT of human.... Woody and Woody! This photo was taken on our first plane trip to Kansas City this past summer. We were flying there to do a photo shoot for a book we are being included in for Hanger Orthotics. We dared not travel without Woody and Woody and I must say, they were good travelers. (We may have accidentally-on-purpose taken the batteries out of one of them...so that helped, I'm sure.)

Woody is something we're big on right now at the ripe ol' age of 2.5, 2.5 and 2.5. Well Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, you know, pretty much anything to do with Toy Story. So you can imagine my sadness when we got on the airplane to come home and I suddenly realized that Big Woody (hee hee...control yourselves) was somehow left behind. We may have left him at the Ballroom where the photos were taken, or he may be living the night life in Down Town KC. Who knows. What I DO know is that we came home with only one little cowboy. So sad.
Photo number 2 actually ties in right nicely with number 1. Both show things we are into right now. Can you tell what they were playing with?? Oh yeah. Chalk, chalk and nothing but chalk. They sort of go in phases where they can't get enough of it, and then they'll be totally disenchanted with it for a while. Nevertheless, our back patio is littered with chunky pieces of sidewalk chalk ready for grubby hands to draw with. And can you imagine my anxiety when bare feet meet dusty chalk meet my wood floor? STRESS! I love a mopped, vacuum floor more than a lot of things, so little feet prints all over the floor are a huge STRESSOR for me!! Oh well. Whad'ya gonna do?
And so we'll wrap this sad excuse for a blog up into a neat, tidy little post about other things the Bunchkins are into right now.

1. Woody/Buzz/Rex/Jessie, etc. Toy Story Anything.
2. Cars. They are now equally obsessed with anything Cars.
3. Fly Swatters. You got flies? I got the triplet fly killers. And they're good. Give em a swatter and stand by. They love to go hunting for flies in the house.
4. Trampoline. Yep. Still enthralled with the jumper!
5. Blankets. Playing in them, under them, on them, etc.
6. Dolls.
7. Doll Strollers.
8. Shopping carts and anything else that can be pushed around the house.
9. Painting. These kids love to paint!
10. Wearing hats for fun!
11. Books. Books. Books. They love to look at books.
12. Repeating words and phrases commonly reserved for frat houses. oops.
13. Cleaning.
14. Playdoh is a new love.

And that's a good enough list for now! People, I must go to bed! Hope you are having a wonderful day! (And if you are one of our newer followers, I promise you, I am not always this lame. :)


Jeremy DeBauche said...

Don't worry, you're not lame. I have a tough time coming up with things to write about once a week, let alone everyday. Keep at it!

Mary said...

And you forgot how much they are into Meet the Letters and Numbers and Shapes! I love to hear how much they are talking now..My favorite today was listening to Ethan say "Co-tin" to his brother. I hadn't heard him say his name before : )

Anabelle said...

I didn't think this was lame at all. I like the idea of choosing 2 random pictures to post. That could prove to be scary or awkward though. Just sayin'. I may use this new "gimic" next Tuesday!

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