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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's in YOUR purse?

Or in my case, what's NOT in my purse? In a frantic search for my keys last night, (Hubby had them) I realized what a massive black hole of "stuff" my purse had turned into. I began taking items out of my purse one a time and setting them on the table so that I could find the keys easier. The further I went, the harder I was laughing. Nicole, close your eyes or you might have a heart attack. Friends, this is hilarious.

"Hi. My name is Ami and I am a purse hoarder."

This is perhaps one of the more humiliating things I could do to myself, but hey, this is my life people. (And just to put it all out there, my car looks the same way!)

And so, I present to you, the contents of my purse. (Which, to my credit has also been my diaper bag for the past 2 years.) I've always combined them so that I wouldn't have to carry two bags. Let's just say I may regret that decision....

If there were a contest for randomness in your purse, I'd totally win! So go ahead and take a look.
In case that was too overwhelming for you, I went ahead and took the liberty of categorizing things for you.

And here they are. A closer look, if you will.

This one is pretty much receipts, trash and more receipts.

Don't act like you all don't have a cooking category in your purses.
Doesn't every well prepared girl carry a spatula in her purse?

Quite a selection here... We've got Woody, a foam firetruck, a plastic baseball from Vail Pride Day (that has been there SINCE VPD...so, a few months now.)
I get a lot of headaches. What can I say?
Perhaps I have a lot of mail...and the bill I thought I never got that's late now?
Yeah, there's a good chance it's in there.
Perhaps my favorite yet.
Don't we all need fake nails, not one but TWO deodorants, 2 nailpolishes (for variety), 2 Tampax (depending on your flow), a child's toothbrush, lip gloss, nail polish, altoids, a barrette, necklace, 2 empty earring cards and a brush. Well prepared is what I say...
My award ribbon for Premier, and a whole boatload of wristbands...

A glue bottle, 3 sharpies, 3 pens

A belt, one child's sock, sunglasses

A camera AND a USB cord.
Wow. And there you have it. I forgot to post a picture of my actual wallet that also lives in the purse, and I have to say, the one thing I'm most surprised NOT to see is a single diaper!! Which stands to reason. I had to borrow 2 from Anabelle the other night...

Anyhoo, this is me. In a bag. Now go ahead and look in your purse and feel free to share your oddest find in a comment. You'll make me feel better!

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Lorie said...

Ami, this is HILARIOUS!!! Immediately I was drawn to the deodorant & thought WTH?? I do not have a purse, but oh the fun I would have organizing it if I did!

Adam and Samantha said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I'm scared to look in mine. I think I might have a half eaten sucker in there somewhere!!

The Alexanders said...

Oh my goodness, laughing out loud yet again! My purse is a mirror image of yours...I might have more receipts though...you never know when you might have to return something!!!

Lindy said...

I looked in mine after I read this. I found (among many things) half a grilled cheese sandwich from Sonic. I'm almost sure it's been a week since we've eaten there. :) Loving your everyday blogs though! So much fun to follow!!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

WOW!! You would definitely win a shower purse game!

Now- the next post should be a picture of the big purse that held all of this!!!

Voted for you- good luck!

Charlotte Hoffner said...

Holy crap load of stuff!!

Bubba and Peanut's Mommy said...

You should post a picture of the actual purse ALL of that fits into... I am interested.

Nicole said...

I would like to say I am shocked, but I've seen your car:) And I love you for this crazy mess and the way you organized it ON your table:)

Tim and Darcy said...

Hahahahahaha!!! What is it with us and receipts/trash?! My wallet and my purse are FULL of them - I won't be sharing any pics though! But glad I'm not the only one ;)

Just Jen said...

Ami, this is great!! I just did this a few weeks age. If you want to see, here is the link! http://justjen68.blogspot.com/2011/04/whats-in-my-purse.html

Cha said...

I voted for your blog. I think you have the 2nd highest votes in there. I hope you win!

Ami said...

Jen, thanks for your link! We are hysterically similar! I commented on your blog too! Deodorant and USB cords...don't leave home without them, right?? :)

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