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Monday, May 9, 2011

Jekyll, Jekyll, Jekyll & Hyde, Hyde, Hyde

If someone actually paid me a dollar every time a student's parents said to me, "Well at least he behaves well at school, cuz he sure doesn't at home," I'd be RICH! And this weekend, it got me thinking...that might be ME in a few more years.

We went to our friend Jaxon's 3rd birthday party this weekend. There were approximately 12 kids there ranging in age from almost 2 to about 10ish? (Heck there could've actually been 30 kids, I wouldn't know. I do the ping pong head thing constantly looking back and forth, counting 1,2,3...1,2,3...1,2,3 to be sure all kids are present and accounted for.) Anyhoo, the same thing happened at this party that happens at a lot of little people parties. The kids were really good. (Not perfect, we'll get to that, Ethan.) But overall, really good. At least 5 different adults complimented the kids and how sweet they are.

It's the strangest thing how their personalities change when they get to outings like this (hence, the Jeckyll & Hyde reference). Hunter, who is usually a chatterbug becomes almost silent, the boys who are usually squabbling about something, decide to get along. And though they don't necessarily stay glued to one another's hips, all three definitely have an awareness of where the others are. I think there's a comfort in knowing that amidst the chaos in a jumping castle or running around the grass, you have 'friends' there who will come and check on you every now and again, just to make sure you're, you know, still there...Just in case. It's really quite endearing and as their mom, pretty heartwarming, if I may say so.

Makes me believe they will be this way throughout their lives...elementary school, high school, college...There may be a lot of difficult things that come with having triplets, but this unconditional bond they have makes it all worth it.

Especially when the moment we walk through the doors to our own house, the hair pulling, screaming, pushing, etc. commences. And I do mean, the MOMENT. But I guess I'm okay with it this way. I'd much rather they get along in public and beat each other up at home. My mama heart likes knowing that they look for each other, and they stick together when they're out and about, even at a mere 2 years old.

**Sidenote, the point of this post was to talk about how sweet they are to EACH OTHER when they're in unfamiliar territory. I said nothing about the other kids. So I should fess up and tell you all that Ethan did bite two un-related kids. One was poor Jaxon and I'm certain that one was uncalled for, but the other "attack" I didn't in fact see...but another onlooker who shall remain nameless did see it. And apparently the little subject may have had it coming...:) Just sayin. (No, no, no...I STILL don't condone the biting and made sure Ethan apologized the victim I DID see. )

**Further sidenote. To add to the reality of this post, I would like to add that at this very moment, my boys are SCREAMING at the TOPS of their lungs because there is one Buzz Lightyear and two of them. I'm talking all out brawl. Colton is lying face down screaming, fists pounding and Ethan is running like a crazy person crying! Hunter is screaming in her shrillest voice. Why? I have no flippin idea. Folks, I believe it is WINE o'clock! But I shall leave you with some smiles...

How fun are flippers in the house??


Samantha said...

My kids are the same way! Perfect when we go out. Totally shy and stay by my side. Everyone always ask if they are this quiet at home. Haha, NO!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

I have to say that the potential bond that our three girls will have with each other has got to be one of the things I'm looking forward to the most when it comes to raising our girls. I'm sure they won't always get along, but I hope they grow up knowing that they can always rely on each other. I'm not sure if this happens in reality, but it's nice to think about how things might turn out in an ideal world :)

Mary said...

That is very true...they were so good at the party with each other. The only times I see them upset at home is when they are after the same item. You just can't have three of everything : )

The Alexanders said...

Oh my goodness this post had me laughing out loud! I LOVE the further sidenote...The life of a triplet parent, gotta love it!!!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

I smiled throughout this whole post.

I am that parent. My kids are angels when we are in public. Not at home and doing the above listed things you mentioned. :)

WINE O'CLOCK is anytime, sweetie! You are a saint. I think my neighbors think I'm psycho.

Jenna said...

You probably should add your blog to this list. You'd have my vote...

Just sayin' ;)


Ami said...

Ooh! good game, Jenna! I just added it!

emily_rutschilling@mail.msj.edu said...

Where did you find the tiny little flippers? I teach autism swimming lessons and we need some for really young kids and have a hard time finding small enough ones!

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