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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And then she-"Oh crap. Gotta call you back."

I've probably mentioned how much I enjoy nap time. (Not MY nap time...the Bunchkins' nap time) It's about 3 hours of quiet. 3 hours for me to pick up the 86 toys they've strewn about the house, catch up on my blogging, read all of your blogs, vacuum, mop, do school work, etc.

As it nears the end of 3 hours, I begin to pay slightly more attention to the monitor, knowing that I should be hearing 'awake baby sounds' soon, which is possibly one of my favorite parts of the day. Listening to the way they 'talk' to one another, mimic each other's crazy noises, and generally make each other laugh is so adorable and often times hilarious. Brian generally feels the opposite. He'd rather turn off the monitor until we can ACTUALLY hear them yelling or jumping (without the assistance of the monitor.) Let's just say he relishes every last minute of quiet. I can understand that. I guess. :)

Anyhoo, this day was really no different than other days. They woke up right on cue...3 hours and 10 minutes, they started talking, laughing, jumping, etc. I was listening, but not really... Perhaps it would be more accurate to say I was 'hearing,' not 'listening.' I did notice however that Hunter was awfully vocal and there was a lot of just random noises. I. SHOULD'VE. KNOWN. I heard a lot of "No no no! No Coco (Colton). No." Again. I should've known.

I was on the phone with my sister as I made the trek upstairs to rescue the little jailbirds. As I approached the doorway, which I leave cracked about 4 inches, and looked in, I said to Mary, "I'm gonna have to hang up and call you right back." For safety reasons, yes. And also cuz I need to take a picture. :)

{Babies, someday you'll appreciate my ridiculous need to photograph every crazy thing you do.}

And this is what I walked in and saw.

Yep. Kinda like looking for E.T. in a a pile of stuffed animals, eh? In case you're unfamiliar with the layout of their nursery. That's Colton. Sitting on the dresser, which has been butted up to the foot of his crib since the day he was born. And apparently, he has figured out how to pull himself out of his crib onto the dresser.

I'd also like to point out that there was not an ounce of fear on his face. Oh no. He had found a great new place to sit and play....with the monitor (that explains the fuzzy sounds I kept hearing) and the soundspa lullaby (explains the sudden heartbeat sounds I was hearing) and the stuffed animals. Good times people. Good times.

And now I know why little Miss Bossy Pants was adamantly scolding him."No Coco!" She may be bossy, but she knows what everyone should and shouldn't be doing! I flippin love these kids!

Perhaps we'll be considering those twin beds sooner than I thought... (again).

**Oh and for all the worriers out there, I DID move the dresser far enough away from his crib so he could not do it again! As evidenced below.


And now, let's move on!

Can I just say that I am totally humbled! Just yesterday, my cousin suggested that we should add ourselves to the Circle of Moms Top 25 Parents of Multiples contest. Eh? What do we have to lose? So...I put us on there, and not even 24 hours later, we've made it to 2nd place! I'm totally amazed at all of you who love us enough to give us YOUR click! I've been joking that it's either like watching the Presidential election polls or the Kentucky Derby! The best part is that both of the other blogs in the top 3 are blogs I read regularly and absolutely LOVE! So I'm totally happy to be in their company!

But thanks again to those who voted. Apparently, you can vote once every 24 hours until May 30th! So if you've been searching for a way to keep me inspired and motivated to do a blog-a-day, this would be a great way! I'll put the link at the end of this post again:) But really, no pressure.

No really. I'd love you no matter what!

Moving on again. Back to the issue of my purse. Several of you asked to see this monstrosity of a bag. So I present to you, my purse.

I have put the 2 Liter of Coke and a glue bottle there to give you a reference as to it's size. See? It's really not THAT big a bag. It was just packed the brim! :)

Okay folks! I hear 'em in the monitor! So I'm off to check on Houdini! Happy Wednesday everybody!

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Mary said...

OMG was all I could say when you sent the picture after abruptly ending our call...I can not believe he was so calm just sitting there.

My poor child will probably live in a room with nothing in it expect her crib in the middle, just so I won't have visions of what you saw with Colton : )

Thank you for moving the dresser...so your neurotic sister won't worry.

Auntie Val said...

Too funny Mary! One of my first thoughts after reading that Ami had to cut the call short was that Aunt Mary must have been flipping out!!
Hope you are feeling awesome!

Ami, this is such a cute blog. I can picture the scenario with Miss Hunter looking out for her brother! They are so adorable.

The Alexanders said...

OH my goodness, this was hilarious (again)! From all your blogs, and feeling like I actually know you, I am sure that once we meet we will be great friends, and the more I read about Brian, I know that if they get to meet that they would be great friends, and our kids have so much in common that they couldn't help but be great friends too!

PS - I am voting every chance I get! You totally deserve to be the #1 blog!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

I giggled through this whole post. :)

Wait until they climb in each others cribs and laugh and giggle... and jump. Or better yet- throw all of the stuff animals in each other's beds and then sleep.

Anabelle said...

Your kids crack me up!
Mary, I imagine your baby girl will live in a bubble wrapped room. :)
Ami, I'm happy to see your purse is neat and able to be zipped. Your shoulders must have felt great today!

Cha said...

Colton is a rockstar! And Hunter is so cute to be saying "no, no,no Coco!". Your kids really crack me up. I love it!

I voted for you again, and you're on top! You're totally gonna win it Ami!

Karen77 said...

I voted too! Your babies are so adorable, Ami.:) Love your Coach too.

Just Jen said...

LOL! Funny thing is, when I saw the pictures of the nursery the first time, I thought, "I wonder how old he'll be when he climbs on top of that."

Thanks for dropping by my blog and checking out my purse! I thought you would like that since we had so much of the same stuff! The Mom Bag is what I call it.

Dad/Grampy Sam said...

Have recruited new blog fans for voting purposes! :) The bag is beautiful. Colton is too cute. As I said prior to his second surgery, I do believe that he has been blessed with a special reserve of courage ... Love you.

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