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Friday, May 6, 2011

Things that made me smile today...

1. The fact that Hunter announced, no less than 21 times today, that she tooted. "I toot," she says in her mini voice, followed by the most adorable smile. And yes, she pats her behind in case anyone was unsure about where the toot came from. This is no exaggeration. Between my mom, me, Niki and Brian, there were plenty of toot sightings. Ahh, my delicate little flower, today, you are not so delicate.

2. Listening to Ethan, our child of very few words, say "Ma-nee, Ma-nee" as he communicates with his new Handy Manny doll, (thank you Kelly & Jordan). The really funny part is that he sounds just like Sophia Vergara (Gloria) on Modern Family when he says it.

3. Watching Colton watch and talk to his new Buzz Lightyear toy. They really are best friends, you know.

4. Watching Colton guzzle his chocolate milk. The kid does not come up for air. That is also not an exaggeration.

5. The fact that Grey's Anatomy was going to be on tonight. Love my Thursdays...

6. Thoughts of Kim Conca...Today was Sports Jersey day at our school, so Mary wore Kim's Dodger's jersey that Dave gave her after Kim passed, and I wore Mary's Dodger's T-shirt (cuz y'all know I'm not sportsy enough to own one myself. In fact, I went to school wearing my baseball style "Mom of Triplets" shirt, cuz I for one, think raising triplets qualifies as a sport.)...Anyhoo, Mary and I went out in front of Kimmy's Garden at our school and took a picture with the plaque in her honor. We sent it to Dave to let him know we were thinking of Kim today.
7. Wind up toys and wound up kids. Who knew wind-up chicks from Easter, hopping all around the living room, could be so funny. But they are. Very, very funny.

8. Kids greeting their dad when he gets home! "Daddy's car?" Hunter says when she sees him pull up. Yep. That's Daddy's car. And then there's running and cheering and shouts of "Daddy!" and "Heeeey!" Adorable.

9. Blogs. I love all the people who've hopped on the Blog-a-Day bandwagon this month. Checking blogs daily makes me HAAAAPPPPYYYY!! :) Keep up the good work blogger friends. :)

10. My new wine glass from Niki and her mom. It's one of the Lolita series and it says "Mommy's Time Out. ...."This glass is for Mommy's Time Out only...LOVE IT!
So on that note, CHEERS! Cheers to whatever is happy in your world tonight. :)


irishtwinsmommababybook said...

YAY for a new Grey's Anatomy!!!! And Private Practice!

Charlotte Hoffner said...

Cheers to my baby boy calling me from Bootcamp!! Sorry I forgot to yell "explosive....." when i ran out of the gym....heehee

Lorie said...

I love this, and just might steal it for a blog post idea. :)

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