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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Beginnings of a Blog?

This morning, at the "butt crack of dawn" I presume, my dad noticed my blog had not yet been posted. Then he said he swore he'd seen a pig fly by his window...no worries dad. It must've been a fat flamingo cuz my post for the day is right here!

Last night, my sister Mary, Hunter and I went to Target, leaving the boys home to play with their daddy. We were on a mission to find a birthday present. But while we were there, I decided to lay it on thick. You know...the pressure. To start a baby registry. :) I know she's not due till September, but I have other motives. We may, or may not be having baby showers for her in kindergarten in the next few weeks, and so, I may or may not have actually NEEDED her to start a registry.

And so, what perfect opportunity to begin. I know she would've liked our mom to come along, but I also knew she'd be doing a lot more registering for bigger, more fun items at Babies R Us later. I just needed her to start....

(I like to also think that soon, she'll be able to steal this post and these pictures to put on HER blog . :) Everyone should have a baby blog, don't you think? ) No pressure Mary, really. No pressure.

Anyhoo, you know how I keep talking about those "Whoa, is this really my life?" moments? Well, it happened again. I still remember vividly going to Target with my mom and sister to register for ungodly amounts of diapers, wipes, and shampoo for the trio.

(December 2008)

Registering was exhausting.

And here we were WITH my two year old daughter, one third of the people I gave birth to, in Target registering for my niece. :)

Hunter was the perfect shopping/registering companion. She pointed to items she liked, she held up boxes and things for Aunt Mary to scan,

she made sure to tell us if were paused for too long on any one item...(ie, if she was getting bored)
And she made Aunt Mary feel better about her growing belly, by making one of her own from a random basketball that was left in the blanket aisle.
All in all, a successful mission! We ran into all kinds of people! Saw the whole Lofgren family, a guy on Brian's squad, a former student, Kaylee and her family, an old high school friend, Andrea, and some very old friends...Not old like 'old for the earth', just old like we've known them for probably 25 years...Patti (who is due just about 3 weeks after Mary,) and her mom Dina, and a very sleepy Caitlin. It was so great seeing you all and catching up with you! Continued good luck on YOUR pregnancy! :)

And so...the evening came to a close. Aunt Ami's mission was completed, and all was right with the world.


Charlotte Hoffner said...

ummmm, yeah Mary needs a blog!! I want belly pictures to be public to all people! Start now Mary!!!

The Alexanders said...

I may have just noticed that the post was not up before your dad! hahaha

Anabelle said...

Mary definitely needs a blog! Mary, you won't ever regret it! It is so much better than a baby book, and you don't have to be a good writer... but I bet you are!

Mary said...

Anabelle...I'm not a great writer, I wish I was...maybe if my husband helps : ) Thanks Ami and Hunter for your help...I was clueless as to what I needed. If I recall when we registered for Ami she came prepared with a list, but Ami was my list!

And I must say, Hunter was so patient...we must have stopped to talk to Patti and her mom for at least half an hour and she never made a peep, such a good girl!

Tim and Darcy said...

That last shot of Hunter made me literally laugh out loud!!!

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