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Thursday, May 5, 2011


In your best George Michael voice, sing along....Let's talk about stats, ba-by, let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the....Okay. You can stop now. But thanks for indulging me.

So today, for real, let's talk about stats. Because I, for one, a blogger since 2008 JUST realized this feature existed. And now, well, let's just say I'm mildly obsessed. Not because I actually care how many people are reading my blog or where they are from (okay I kind of care) but more because it's just fascinating!

And if you are unaware that this little treasure link of information existed, let me point you in the right direction. You know that button that says "Stats?" Yeah, that's the one. Pretty obvious, no? Click it and it's like entering The Wonka Factory for bloggers!
So let's discuss some of my favorite findings.

How many people are actually reading this lil ol' blog of mine?

Just yesterday, there were 613 page views.
Today so far? 108
All time? 107,886
Right now? 18

And who are these people? For real, I wonder about this. I wonder where you are when you're reading my blog. Are you at your house? Are there kids screaming in YOUR ears? Are you at a Starbucks? Work? I'm fascinated. Where do you all live?

Oh, and speaking of that. I have those answers too! In 24 hours time, there have been 529 of you from the U.S., 22 Canadian friends, 16 friends from Iran, 4 from Italy, 2 each from Finland, Israel and the Phillippines and 1 each from Germany, India and Ecuador! Really? That's fascinating to me! HELLOOOoooo friends from afar! Glad to have you along!

And if that weren't cool enough for you, here's the ALL time stats...(since my blog began)
How interesting! The internet is a fascinating place. Where else you can cross virtual paths with people from all across the world on a day to day basis?
**Update- 11 of my friends are gone. There are only 7 of you left reading. :)

And now the great debate. Windows or Mac? Care to wager a guess? Which has produced more pageviews? The winner for today is.....


In fact, 48% of pageviews today were from Macs while 45% were from Windows.... HOWEVER..if we're talking ALL time records, then Windows kicks Mac's butt with 60% Windows and only 30% Mac. (Oh and I shant forget about all the Blackberries, Androids, Palms, iPads, etc. Go phone users! )

So all this leaves me to wonder how all of you from all your various countries arrived at my blog? Let's talk about SEARCH TERMS. What key phrase got typed into the search bar? I'm sorry, but this is perhaps my favorite feature...get a load of this-

Now, before you get all mad because you don't have your glasses on and can't read the miniature picture below, allow me. Some of the search terms make perfect sense. For example-

1. The best things in life are three
2. Bunch babies
3. ami bunch babies (kinda freaky, but I'll assume this person does in fact know me)
4. bunch triplets

But here are some mildly perplexing search terms... I hope you get as good a chuckle as I did.
1. "big triplets" (really? For real. You searched 'big triplets' and found us? Cuz we're really pretty average if not on the small side...) Interesting, to say the least. Then there's a part of me that wonders if it could've been a typo. Perhaps someone was trying to search "bbg triplets." (Boy, Boy, Girl). Cuz that would make perfect sense. Anyhoo, moving on.

2. "the best things in lifecare three". Again, I can only assume this was a typo because I don't know that i've ever blogged about at caring for you life. But perhaps my memory fails me. Either way, it made me chuckle.

And finally number 3. And this one I can't figure out if I try my hardest.

3. "baby tube in mary". What the?? Baby tube? Are we talking In Vitro? Mary...which Mary? My Mary? But what about the baby tube? And why is it in Mary? Tube..TV Tube? Pool float tube? One can only wonder...

**UPDATE- There are 13 of you here right now! Hello 13 friends!

Moving on to my last favorite feature-
Which posts are y'all reading? Which ones are the favorites?
Let's begin with right now.
13 friends, here's what you're reading....

Any guesses what the all time most read post is? The envelope, please....
I see how you all are...you are like I was, wanting to know what your pregnant belly was gonna look like!

It also looks to me like lots of you, like me, are interested in the Blog book! Good job!
And this one makes me the happiest- All the page views about Colton's cleft lip and palate. Providing useful, real life information about having a baby with a cleft lip and palate. And I have made so many new friends from this blog from others going through this. I love that.

So there you go. Stats. What fun! Go ahead, check out yours now! Be a dork like me!
Now, I feel like I should leave you with a picture of kids. So here goes...

For several reasons, (wanting to water our poor, poor grass AND let the kids have some fun) I turned on a sprinkler in the backyard a few weeks ago. As evidenced by the photos below, the boys LOVED it.

Hunter, on the other hand, was FREAKED out by it. She was cracking me up. She did not want to get close enough to actually be touched by water, so instead, she was throwing things at the sprinkler. "Take that sprinkler!"

First, a plate.
Next, a shoe.
Finally, something sensical-a bat. :)

*Ok good night 14 friends.... See you all tomorrow!


Cha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cha said...

This post made me smile (as always when I read your blog) because of the fact that you only discovered 'stats' in blogger and because you actually talk about all of your readers here. I thought you already knew how many are reading your blog and thought that maybe that's what inspires you to write - other than of course you're little bunchkins.;) I've been meaning to comment on one of your posts but I think this would be the best time. I am one of your readers from the Philippines. I just found your blog by accident through blogger and I've been hooked eversince. Your kids are really cute!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

Wow, I can't believe you're just finding out about stats. I assumed that since you had the stat counter on your website that you've been addicted for much longer. Adding the stat counter was one of the first widgets that I added on my blog. If you're new to stats, you may not know the difference between total pageviews, returning visitors, and first-time visitors. They pretty much are exactly as they sound. Your stat counter uses cookies in the web browser to track all of your readers. Returning visitors are noted by the fact that they already have your blog's cookie in their browser. First-time visitors don't have your cookie. And total pageviews is independent of cookies an counts how many times someone has viewed any one of your pages, whether they arrived at your blog from a search engine or clicked on another page from inside your blog. In essence, you could have one reader that's responsible for 1000 page views, perhaps someone who found your blog and went back to the beginning to read about your entire triplet journey, i.e me :)

Charlotte Hoffner said...

Wow! seriously, who knew?? Those are some crazy stats! You know all the Mac users are from the entire school district! lol.......i am also surprised Hunter didnt like the sprinkler.....so non-Hunter like :)

Amy Stickel said...

Hi! i've been 'stalking' your blog for a while! heehee! I was told about your blog, and pregnancy by a friend. Her husband is in the same 'unit' or something, as your husband, so she informed me of your blog, since I had had several miscarriages also, we have the same name (different spelling!) and I was a teacher as well! I 'found' you when you were almost due, and have followed ever since! I started writing my own blog, beginning with the miscarriage stories, and haven't had much feedback, or know of anyone who is reading, so I've slacked off on keeping it up to date. I do love when you blog though! Your kiddos are adorable!!! Keep up the good work mama!!!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Stats are pretty cool and they can be pretty alarming with what they search by.. or what Web links pop up!

You are a super star! Who knew?! :) You are a great writer- so keep up the great work! :)

ShutterMom said...

Well, your sister was my daughters Kindergarten teacher and Bryn went to school with you both. :) It's always nice to see how you and your family are doing and also follow a bit of Mary as well (My daughter Mya LOVES her and will always remember her as her favorite teacher)


Brian said...

CRAZY!!! Had no idea about stats! What a fun tool! And seriously Iran? Finland? You're famous! :)

Mary said...

That is so crazy to see those stats...pretty cool! They are pretty special those little ones.

And I loved having Mya in my class too...thanks Stefanie : )

RxMommy said...

I found your blog through a comment you made on someone else's blog. The name of your blog interested me so I started reading....then went back to the beginning and read all the way through! Since then I have been following your blog and have told all my friends about it. I am a new mom, to a baby girl and I just love the way you write and your sense of humor. I would definitely say that your blog inspired me to start one myself...so I did just 2-3 weeks ago! http://pillsandfrills.blogspot.com/
Keep writing...I will keep following...love it! :)

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