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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Easter Bunchkins

I LOVE EASTER! I really, really do. This year, Easter for us was spread out across a 3 day weekend. We had Easter Baskets from my Mom and Al, from my Dad and Genise, we had Easter baskets from Brian's Mom and Dad and as luck would have it, after all that, OUR Easter Baskets for the kids are still sitting on the ironing board. Oops. They got lost in a jelly beany, chocolatey pastel mess of chickens, rabbits and eggs! Wonder if any of it will last till next year....

So last year's egg dying adventure pretty much consisted of the babies sitting at the table with us, while being prohibited from actually touching an egg or any dye for that matter. This year? Well, let's just say it's good we bought 4 dozen eggs. Because approximately 3 dozen were handled by the littles and now bear little (and some not so little) cracks.

Which is completely okay, because watching the excitement on their faces was about the most adorable thing I've ever seen. No really. They learned quickly how to place an egg on their spoon and then (not so) gently place (drop) the egg into a glass of dye. Well I'll tell you what. The SECOND the egg left the spoon, there was MAJOR clapping, big eyes and extremely exuberant "OH WOWS!" and "YAYS!" Truly one of those moments you have to be present to really appreciate! It totally makes my heart happy that they love this tradition as much I did (okay, do).

Don't even get me started on this. Yes, I allowed this and yes it was me who actually placed my favorite Gold Lace earrings in her tiny little earlobes. I just had NO IDEA she would be instantly transformed into a teenager posing for the camera. She loves to wear dangly things from her ears as she swishes her head side to side. Dear God. We are in trouble.

Rocco the Easter Bulldogg

Our next stop was Phoenix to visit the In-Law Easter Bunnies. Unfortunately, Ethan and Brian had been up the night before throwing up so we were a slow movin bunch Easter morning. But it was totally worth the trip even with two sickies.
The picture below was really to show off my new Crocs! Thank you mucho K & K!

I love how all parties wind up in kitchens!

Cousins Carolyn & Madison, Gramma Cecile, Aunt Phyllis

And alas! The moment I'd been waiting for! This would be the kids' VERY FIRST EASTER EGG HUNT EVER! I knew they'd have fun and I knew my heart would get all mushy watching my big kids fill their baskets with plastic treasures! Oh, I was right. First of all. I love that even with eggs "hidden" like they are below, it's still a hunt.

So all 4 little kids (my 3 and cousin Chloe) grabbed their baskets and headed out into the big backyard to begin their new tradition! Nana's showing Colton how to win this gig!
Apparently Aunt Kristen is teaching Ethan the same thing...
No suprise, Hunter really didn't need help. She pretty much cleaned up. Must be the piggies. They were extra powerful that day.

LOVE IT! Who would've thought this would make me all teary?

Chloe found a well hidden egg!
Aunt Phyllis is telling baby Kaylie how she'll be able to hunt for Easter Eggs next year maybe.


And so it goes. The only reasonable thing to do after a hot Easter egg hunt is take a nice dip in the pool, which was surprisingly warm from the sun's heat. I can't figure out why Ethan hated this so much. Just the day before, we went swimming in my mom's pool and the kid couldn't get enough! But something about this didn't sit well with him. Poor buddy.

What you can't see is her bloated diaper butt. Poor thing!

Maddy and Hunter
And such good family....Made me a cherry pie for my 34th birthday! Yum! I let the kids blow out the candles. Cuz I'm nice like that. :)

Ethan the acrobat
Just before we had to go back to Tucson, Hunter asked Nana if she could go for one last dip in the pool. :) As you can see, we said yes.

Peekaboo Nana!

Colton playin with his truck (which was actually Brian's truck when he was little)
And then we put the kids in their kennel for the drive home.
Just testin it out for Nana and Papa's new dog Bella. (A Bloodhound/Lab mix) Adorable!
And that was Easter 2011. LOVED the new and old traditions!


Just Jen said...

They are so so cute! I'm glad I'm not the only one who puts her kids in the kennel.

Arizona Mamma said...

Love the aftermath of the egg coloring! It gives a sense of the madness that took place ;)

YUCK to the throwing up. Of all the types of being sick, that is the worst for me!!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Love-love-love Nana/grandkids pictures like that! :)

Happy belated birthday and Happy Easter! Still have to upload mine. I love Easter too- the meaning, but also the little traditions about it.

Tim and Darcy said...

So much to say....these pics are too sweet! I love Easter, too - the egg coloring, the egg hunting, etc etc :) Whoah...seriously watch out for Hunter...those earring pictures say it all! Is Rocco your dog??? We are thinking about getting a bulldog, but I'm still undecided that I want any animals (other than the current 3 toddlers ;) at this point! Lol!

Tim and Darcy said...

Wait...how'd I miss your birthday??? When was it??? Are you a fellow Taurus? Happy belated birthday!!! :) Taurus women ROCK! Wait...are you a Taurus? I'm not good with all of those dates...just assuming since your b-day is so close to mine :)

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